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Bruce [userpic]
Two Steps Forward...

I finally got out of the house yesterday around 5:00, and finally decided to revisit On the Border, a restaurant up at McCarthy Ranch.

In some ways it seemed silly, given I was shortly heading to Frida's, but I was starving.

So of course I stuffed myself silly.

For once, this turned out to be a good thing - Frida wasn't particularly hungry when I got there, so we forwent dinner.

Actually, I mostly house-sat (And stood by in case of anything with Sabrina) while Frida went out to a meeting of some form. That worked for me - I sat on the couch, watched random cable, and finally put together an auction. Now I just need to keep doing it - one auction doesn't quite do it. But at least it's no longer new ground.

So that, watching Dark City, and some ridiculous cable soft porn (Exactly how big do artificial boobs get before the girl can't stand up straight?).

I woke up remarkably early today, so Frida and I walked out and had some breakfast.

Then I helped the realtor move more furniture around for a couple of hours before heading home and napping.

I made it to jeffercine's birthday dinner only 10 minutes late, which means I beat him and cekyr0 by only about 20 minutes. Fun dinner - a bunch of attendees, though trivialt wasn't there. I got this close to sitting next to wissavix...

Then, of course, I ran to the bar, where I set up as fast as I could - and started maybe 10 minutes late.

This was good - it's been slammed tonight. Several different groups converged on the bar, including, of course, Jefferson's birthday party.

A lot of people have taken off, but I'm still technically on the first rotation.

It's been just a leeeetle crazy up here.

dwo just donated a couple of discs - a collection of Frank Wildhorn musicals and the Avenue Q disc. I should have the database updated by the end of the night.

And that's it for right now.

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Mood: cheerfulcheerful

on the border is yummy :) they are all over Sac. it is sort of funny how all of the favorite restaurants of sacramento are banished to milpitas when you go to the bay area.....on the border, macaroni grill, etc. but then again you don't want sac culture seeping into the bay area. it could turn deadly ;)

It was pretty good - starting with the "chips". Hard to call them chips when they're half-tortillas, but they were an excellent texture, and obviously fresh.

Given that my other main Cal-Mex place is Chevy's, I'll probably be going back.

I have to say, though, from my experience, that the best Sacramento restaurants aren't available anywhere else. Fats and California Fats in Old Town being the best examples. But then, I'm a snob...

This was meant for your post:

*smirks* I had fun hanging out with you after the show. And no dents!


It was a lot of fun - though you two seemed to be having the best of it. :-P

And I think the appropriate emoticon would be this one: }:->