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Reality checks

Last night's show turned out pretty well - I was, much like Sunday, expecting almost no-one.

And the beginning of the show bore me out - the singers were myself, ajayav, and dwo. Oh, and the promise that trivialt would be there later - which did occur.

But every round had a few more people, until we actually had a couple with about 15.

I was in an, uh, "interesting" song-selection mood. OK, maybe "evil" would be more correct. I dunno. I normally just pull songs until I find one that I think the person in question will sing. I did the same last night - but the results... I lost count of how many time timenchanter shouted "evil" (And another word, that shall remain nameless) at me across the bar.

Still, most people sang what I gave them...

Devin and Charlee came back in, a repeat from Thursday. I had a few short conversations with Charlee, while my inner monologue went something like "Wow, she's really cu-whap-young!"

This too shall pass.

Lou dropped in after several months. He's sort of a normal karaoke circuit kind of guy - sits by himself, and waits for his song. I wouldn't be surprised to hear he didn't buy anything. On the other hand, he sings a lot of the oldies quite well, which adds a flavor of eclecticism. And I do like me some eclecticism.

I declined a visit to Chez Somebody, because I figured I'd just conk out. Still, I found myself driving to the Carrows parking lot. I actually nodded out in the car, to the tune of a song I hadn't heard before (Something Liz Phair-ish about a guy that was "too cute" taking his clothes off with the curtains open). I didn't know I was asleep, even when I started seeing all this pinkish jello-type stuff. Even when the stuff extruded a tentacle that pointed at me. When the tentacle opened an eye, and mine opened simultaneously, I at least realized the dream was over.

So, uh, yeah - I had supper at Carrows, and surfed my webcomics. I left the restaurant (After I finished eating, fortunately) when I fell asleep at the table...

Got home, crawled to my room, noticed it was 85° in there (Thanks to Stuart&Frida, I now have a wall thermometer). Turned on the fan to cool things down, and went to sleep.

I woke up about 5 hours later, feeling like I was broiling to death, and covered in sweat. I figured it must be later in the day, and the fan must be pulling in hot day air of DOOM. After turning the air conditioner on, I realized it was still early morning - and the thermometer now read 81°. So, apparently I'm now getting hot flashes, too.

So that's been my day. I'm late getting to my parents, which is far from unusual. I'll be there pretty much all afternoon and night - and therefore out of contact.

I'm sure everyone will manage without me somehow.

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