Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Moving Experiences

Saturday afternoon and evening was taken up by jeffercine's surprise birthday party. That ended up going off reasonably well, even with misswong77 almost giving away the surprise.

Jefferson was supposedly manipulated to arrive around 4:00. I think it was about 7:20 when he actually made it - and was pretty exhausted to boot.

But I think he enjoyed himself - and his new toy.

I managed to take quite a few pictures - at least until my camera batteries gave out. So I'm afraid I have no chargerboy molestation pics.

This is just a few of the those I took - click on any of the images, and it'll take you to my gallery, which is sorted chronologically.

cekyr0 waiting for Jefferson to arrive:

trivialt being unnecessarily self-descriptive:

markobellydance does a move:

Jefferson confronted with all these people in his house:

For some reason, the single most important photo came out in purples - so I made it grayscale...

Jefferson faced with his new toy:

I think he likes it:

Drew being cool:

Blowing out the candles:

The obligatory Kendall rape:

Kendall and his meat:

It was a great party. I hung out at the Hamptons until around midnight, then went home.

Sunday I drove up to Alameda. While Stuart&Frida aren't quite moving out of their house yet, they're trying to get it ready to show - which means they've been busily packing up books and moving furniture. I was elected to help.

From there to the bar, where we had a remarkably good show, especially considering it was SF Pride weekend. I started with about 8 singers (including Stan), and by 10:00, the place was actually kind of busy.

Of course, by 11:30, everyone was tired and headed home. I ran 8 rounds last night, and finished at 1:30 sharp.

Bob was there again last night - and a little weirded out. Apparently some girl offered him a blowjob for $20.

And a few other rare people: Sunny and Roy made it out for a song. Jeffrey showed up with a girl named Iris in tow. She was kind of interesting - one of those talented individuals with no self-esteem. She has a very nice voice.

I managed to get everything packed up by 2:00, drove home, and unloaded the ton of stuff Stuart&Frida gave me.

Then a little cleanup, some fresh clothes, back up to Alameda, and sleep.

Today has been yet more packing boxes, moving boxes, and rearranging large pieces of furniture.

With time out to work on Saturday's pictures.

Now I need to clean up, and head back to the bar for another lovely evening of suicide.

Tuesday is slated for work on my parents' deck...

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