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It Keeps Leaking Out

Information, that is.

I made it up to my parents' yesterday - three and a half hours late, but I made it. I just had to finish the Palm database script. That was maybe half an hour - the remainder was, of course, debugging.

Hey, it works. It also showed up yet more errors in the song list, dammit.

On the completely ludicrous side, I may have figured out how to compress the songbook PDFs yet more. The increment would be incredibly minor, and the code would be much more complex, but I could do it... And I'm going to do my best to avoid it. It's getting more than a little ridiculous.

My dad finally got some responses from other authors on the website, and was given a pile of advice - as well as (finally) a page of links. In typical fashion, he printed out the links page, then deleted the email copy. In typical author fashion, several of the links are dead, and all the anchor elements include a random named target window.

They also recommended using a submission form for email, rather than a "mailto", to avoid spambots. So I've been looking into that. And came across the incredibly irritating fact that I don't remember how to use PHP to handle form data.

I've been writing scripts with it for so long that I don't know how to use it for one of its main purposes. Apparently the information I gather only lasts for so long...

I've been up and down all day, and still feel tired - but I should get around to getting up, and getting some food...

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