Bruce (kor27) wrote,


Last night's show made a sudden jump from slow to packed around 10:00 - the 3rd round expanded to about 38 people.

It was a combination of a number of factors, but the single largest one was a group of Stanford grads having a birthday party.

They were a bit of an odd group, for Stanford. Mainly in that they were reasonably nice and polite.

I finished the night just before 2:00, about halfway through the 5th round.

Mostly due to bar gossip, I didn't get out of there until 2:50, then headed to supersniffles's place, where she fed chicken cordon bleu to me and h2ocrazyguy.

And another episode of Dead Like Me.

I made it home a bit before dawn, and got a bit of sleep.

Most of the waking part of the day was spent in an attempt to install a program at my ISP. It would have been much easier if their Configure program knew a damn thing about FreeBSD.

My lack of root privileges was a tiny bit of a problem, too. Oh well.

Tonight was the long-awaited resurrection of CCF, with myself, misswong77, entropyca, and deekers. I got there earlyish to start the process - but the wait was still almost an hour and a half, leading to a cranky Lucinda.

We had fun anyway. Our waitress was a cute, obviously very new little thing, who was, well, trying. It's the first time I've seen a waitress argue that the tip was too large.

And now I'm sitting at ComedySportz, waiting for the midnight show. Lucinda comped me, which is cool.

Life definitely has its good sides.

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