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To the recent, unnamed person posting about their unhappiness:

Unhappiness is not a thing to be deserved. People try to make it into one: "You can't be unhappy, so-and-so has things much worse than you!". But the fact of the matter is, unhappy is simply what you are at any one moment.

One of the most cheerful, positive, bubbly people I ever met was a one-legged, mostly blind diabetic woman living in a hospice. She had things much worse than most people - but she was happy, and took what she could out of each day.

On the other end, there are people with the cushiest living situation imaginable who are positively miserable.

What I'm trying to say is that one shouldn't worry about whether one has the right to unhappiness - one should simply try to figure out what one might be able to do about it.

And sometimes, one finds that all one can do is live with it. Hopefully not the situation is this case...

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