Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Muuuuch Better

Yesterday's contest went off without too many hitches. Well, I had to exchange video cables - the one I've been using has apparently finally died. But otherwise, it was pretty smooth sailing.

The sound tech (whose mics we were using) was actually involved this year, and did his best to dial people in.

cekyr0 rocked, as usual, with If You're Not The One. Everyone was actually pretty damn impressive. lucydogstringer even had a new hat for his act.

I was too busy to actually see much of his act. I know he was hampered by the corded mic. At least I know he sounded good.

But the winner this year was Kyra (for the Savoy). While I have no idea what backroom politics may have been involved, if any, the fact remains that listening to Kyra sing is akin to a religious experience. A hard act to beat.

I loaned Kyra the disc for the night, stored my stuff in a tent they were kind enough to set aside for me, then zombied back out into the rest of the event.

A bit of wandering later (during which I most definitely did not encounter trivialt), I was scooped up by timenchanter, electrichobbit, and soquili_gitli, who were wandering into the wilds of downtown to find dinner.

We ended up with a reasonably decadent Japanese dinner at Rokko, which has taken over the space vacated by House of Siam.

By the end of dinner, I was close to too tired to stand. So I drove the truck home, and collapsed. Fortunately in that order.

I wake back up around 3:00am for a bit, surfed, printed up some more songbooks, and then fell asleep again until 9:00.

And from there, back to Pride. I managed to pick the equipment up without a hitch, and bounced back home.

Where I went back into songbook printing and binding mode. By 2:00 today, I had 5 songbooks and 10 update sheets printed up. Once I get more paper, I'll get 3 more books printed, and I can toss all of the old books.

A note, here: Years ago, Larri and I estimated the total cost of book materials at around $35. They're also a bit of a pain to put together.

So if you're at the bar, and you see someone pulling a sheet out for reference, or tearing off a piece to write their phone number, or leaving their drink on the paper, or simply doodling on a sheet: Please, please do us all a favor and kill them.

The update sheets aren't quite as important, so I'd only recommend maiming for those cases.

Timmie and I then took off to lunch. He headed up to help Mark move, and I went back to Pride.

I've spent the afternoon running into people - starting with Stanley, in full facepaint and parasol.

I also got there just in time to see and hear Kyra sing again, and talked to her for a while (and got my disc back) when I ran into her later. I just gotta remember to use a more robust case next time - she's a "shove into a back pocket" sorta girl.

Other than that, it's just been a nice, relaxing time, hugging people, wandering around, ogling pretty young lesbians, and deepening yesterday's burn. I've run into a few people I haven't talked to for years - I've met Andy's boyfriend, and have Lizzy's new number.

I'm about to head to the bar, unload, and set up for the evening. It'll be interesting to see how many people show up - I have no idea.

But whoever they are, they'll get to use new books.

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