Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Aaaaaaaahhhhh... Thud

Where did I last leave off... Thursday. Thursday's show was pretty good, but not astoundingly busy. I almost finished off a 5th round, but had to stop due to 2:00.

supersniffles passed out, and was driven home by mvmedic. I took Heather home, decompressed at Carrows, and went home to fiddle then sleep for a while.

Friday I got up around 11:00 so I could meet timenchanter and cekyr0 for lunch. Then I was off.

I deposited some checks, then started shopping around for CD sleeves - I knew I didn't have enough. About 2 hours later, I finally found some that, well, didn't suck.

Then home to finally check on bills. I found a day-old 48 hours PG&E notice, so I rushed up to their facility to pay it. Typically, it took me 15 minutes to get there, and 25 minutes to park. Still, I got it paid just before 5:00.

Then home to drop off some paperwork, then off to the Hamptons to exchange the Escort for jeffercine's truck.

Then back home to pick up the laptop. And some, uh, unplanned recreation.

Then off to KoC. I got there around 7:30, and left at 10:00. Loading the equipment didn't take much time, but I wanted to merge the new discs in - I didn't exactly feel safe leaving a plastic bag of mixed discs around.

And merging discs takes forever.

I needed food, and a little relaxation, so I went back to the Oakridge Cheesecake Factory. It has broadbaaaanddddddd...

I got home around midnight, and started final coding for the new book stuff.

I finally finished debugging around 7:00am, and started getting ready to print... to my printer someone had just disconnected downstairs. It's really hard to use your printer when it's connected to the wrong PC, and that PC is powered down.

So I took my printer and supplies upstairs, and started printing the various book pieces. After discovering I needed to change the format of the various covers I'd worked out.

Around 8:00 I discovered I'd neglected to wash my KoC shirt.

So I went to the washer. To find it had clothes in it from Friday. So I threw the clothes in the dryer on the floor, threw the washer clothes in the dryer, threw my clothes in the washer, discovered we were out of soap, and threw up my hands.

It seems it hadn't occurred to anyone to tell me we were running low.

So I bought some usurious detergent from 7-11, and started the wash.

Then the print quality on the books started to go bad. And worse.

I gritted my teeth, and kept going for two new books. Hopefully legible ones, but at this point I almost didn't care.

35 pages from the end, the toner gave out. Frustrating, but the print quality went back up.

So future books should be OK, at least...

After a quick shower - whose timing was prompted by pouring toner on myself during the cartridge change - I finished the last book, gathered my stuff, and ran up to the Pride site.

They were having some sound issues, so I couldn't get much attention. I'm hooked up, and if the levels aren't too far off, and the sound levels aren't way off, it should work later.

And now I'm wandering Pride, trying to keep conscious, and avoiding the cursed sun.

Just a few more hours...

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