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Of Pink and Parties

I of course didn't get to Alameda until 8:15 or so, yesterday. They were involved with Sabrina, anyway, so they handed me a sushi menu, and told me to order.

Dinner was pretty yummy.

After that, well, I wasn't necessarily the best guest. Frida and I did talk some, which is good. But I was pretty focussed on the whole songbook thing - I spent until 7:00am twiddling with page layout.

I woke up at 2:00 to an empty house, cleaned up, and did some SQL research. It looks like I've managed to hone down the sort I want. Boy, do I hate that syntax. Ah well.

I was so involved that I didn't leave Alameda until 6:30 or so - which meant I had no shopping time at all. I'm such a flake sometimes...

Contrary to expectations, traffic was pretty light on the way over. Heck, the guy in front of me paid my bridge toll. So I got to the bar at 7:25, in plenty of time to set up.

Which I did, around the quite cute girl (Carlene, I think she said her name was) who was practicing song transitions. In fact, I was pretty much set up by a little after 8:00. And people started to pour in.

For anyone who doesn't know, it's supersniffles's birthday. As a result, we're having our own Pink Party - there're pink balloons everywhere. And quite a crowd.

I started the first round with four singers. I'm still on the first round, with 20 so far. I mean, I've had busier, but we've got quite a nice turnout - even trivialt is here.

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