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Yesterday evening, timenchanter and I took ourselves to BJ's for dinner and conversation, then made our way to Splash.

Way too much food, of course. Timmie got this potato on the side that was frighteningly large. And I do mean frighteningly. I didn't know they grew that big.

We got to Splash at about 8:00, at which point it was completely empty. I wasn't particularly into bar-going, but I'd promised I'd support chargerboy in the contest. We sat, drank a bit, and watched videos.

Around 10:00 the show actually started - again with close to no-one there. Gabe and Timmie signed up for the contest.

It was 10:30 or 11:00 when the first people showed up after the concert. The place began to pack. Also, the decision was made to suspend karaoke and play dance music (Probably a good idea). Timmie and I went for a long walk.

By the time we got back, the place was overflowing, and they'd finally figured they should stick to Madonna songs. There was a row of people two deep dancing on the stage. Not too surprisingly, they decided to just simply cancel karaoke. With Timmie and Gabe as the prelim winners for the night.

It was a fun crowd, in a young-gay-boy-on-the-prowl sort of way. I got more than a little tired of being jostled. Timmie and I found a quiet corner towards the front, and I settled in to watching Madonna videos.

Honestly, setting up a system like theirs at KoC would be a good idea - running video from the DJ booth, with the sound going through the bar system. I should talk to bluize and dancin_whitey about that as a concept. Kris has all the pieces necessary.

Around about 12:30, I was getting bored, so we went home. I actually got to sleep reasonably early, for me. At least the sun wasn't up yet.

Today has been relatively desultory. I've given mena_kissesoh1 rides to and from drug court, had a quick lunch with Timmie at Popeye's as he was heading off to help move his parents, and gotten the car washed. Oh, and some clothes, too. A veritable whirlwind of activity am I.

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