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Alea Jacta Est

I got up earlyish for me today, because I had an appointment to meet with a salesman for the new module I've been considering.  It was interesting, though it pointed out why I avoid a lot of these sales pitches:  The vast majority was a rehash of stuff I already knew from the website.  But still, managed to ask a couple of tough questions that he should get back to me on eventually...

Then off to Alameda.  First time there since before the NY trip.  A nice, refreshing, relaxed time, until it came out that I still hadn't served notice to "She".  A long discussion erupted over whether the right description of me was "schmuck" or "putz".  I pointed out I didn't want to interrupt this semester...

So they wrote up a notice that tells her to get out by June 1st - a week after finals - then had me sign it.  It's hidden somewhere around their house, pending mailing.

So now I get to wait for the inevitable eruption from Chaos Girl.  Joy.  I hear Bermuda's nice this time of year.

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