December 31st, 2011


Interesting. But Stupid.

So, about the same time my Dad died, I kinda stopped checking my LJ friends' list. It had already become a somewhat sporadic thing, mostly because FB was taking up my spare time with an endless parade of tiny updates.

This meant I was building up a fair backlog. While not many of my friends post, LJ is my RSS reader, and I get about 45 a day.

Last night, I decided to start digging back through what I'd missed. It'd been over a month, and I was probably looking at around 1,500 entries.

And I was doing pretty well. About an hour ago, I had reached as far back as December 18th, and a little over 530 back.

And that, apparently, is as far back as LJ will let me go. There are no previous posts. So if something vitally important for me to hear happened between November 27th and December 18th, lemme know. 'Cause apparently LJ won't.
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