September 11th, 2010

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Spare Change?

I'm cross-posting this from FB, so if I've dunned you twice, my apologies.

Basically, Nox (the goth/industrial dance club I DJ every Tuesday) is putting on a benefit this month. We even have a flier designed:

However, what we don't have is the money to print those fliers, which is likely going to impact our ability to make this thing fly. We're already running late - I didn't get the info until Thursday, and just managed to finish the flier proper.

It's going to cost us around $60 to print up 1,000 fliers, and better yet would be to have $90 for 2,500. I know everyone is hurting, but if you could see fit to hand any amount of money to thebatt or myself, or even paypal some to kor at, well, we'd be able to do a better job of raising money for the kids.

Of course, anything we get over printing costs will go directly to the charity.
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