April 12th, 2010



This morning I was up early to have parts of my iris blasted by a laser, and since I was therefore up during normal work hours, I took my car in to have its tires rotated.

One of them is almost bald. They recommend an alignment, and, of course, I'll need two new tires.

I can't afford this. I just had to spend $440 to get the brakes repaired, and I don't know what's going to go next.

And, due to other expenses on my part, and a tendency to loan money to friends in need, I only have about $1,000 in the bank. My target to start shopping for a car is $3,000.

But if I continue the way I'm going, the expenses of keeping this car going are going to eat up anything I might be able to put aside for the next one.

My credit is, of course, pure shit. Not only do I have the recent foreclosure on there, but also my feud with MCI. It wasn't for a lot of money, but that doesn't really count. So my main option at this point is to go throw myself on the "mercy" of one of the "bad credit" cheap car lot people. And hope I can remotely afford the payments. Not that I couldn't afford those on $2,000, but the same car I could get for $2,500 from Craigslist is going to cost me more like $5,000 on a lot.

Otherwise, well...

I can't expect anything, because expecting that level of reciprocation from the world leads to madness. But if someone - anyone - out there is willing to loan me some money at no interest, to be repaid in 10 monthly installments, well, I'd be very, very grateful.

Also, if the various people that owe me money could find it in their hearts to go knock over a liquor store and repay me, that would be good, too.
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