March 9th, 2010


Get Up Stand Up

I've added SC-8947 to the collection, filling in a few basic reggae holes. Plus another Sublime song, which seems a bit odd, but OK.

The track count is now 15,278, and the unique song count 11,295.

Songs page up to date, update sheets printed, etc, etc.

Plus I'm also a bit angry. Another disc that included an attempted shakedown from Sound Choice ("Pay us a license fee to put this on a hard drive"). I'm not sure they include those notices on the absolute latest discs, but they obviously did for a while.

Which got me to doing a few cursory web searches, which got me to a Sound Choice spokesman claiming that Fair Use only applied to non-commercial use.

Which is blatantly false.

I've gone on about this before, because it's a concern. When I have a library that includes 4,102 Sound Choice tracks, and I'm told I'll be liable for at least $750/song if I don't pay them an additional "licensing fee," I get... nervous.

Which is what they're hoping for, obviously. Because there's no way in hell their requirement for a licensing fee is legal.
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