January 20th, 2010

Triskell Knot

Things Continue to Happen

I have an afternoon more-or-less to myself, with nothing absolutely immediate to panic about. It's actually kinda disconcerting.

My last episode ended on the afternoon of the 11th. Someone was sent off to Vegas with some potential bail money.

That evening was, as I mentioned previously, Vikki's birthday. Which was an insanely busy night. 38 singers, 4 rotations, and a lot of drinking. Poor Kathy and David J got there early (as usual), but this time exhausted from a drive from LA. They just wanted to sing two songs each - and they did, after waiting for an hour and a half.

There was the crowd for Vikki's birthday, but also the growing lesbian contingent that's been taking over the pool room (there's something about lesbians and pool. Make your own conclusions), as well as a largish contingent of regulars. I really need to change the batteries in my camera - there was a huge amount of audience participation, some of which it was actually hard to believe wasn't staged.

We made bank. It was a Monday, so I made bank. What with my spending habits lately, this was extremely welcome.

We had a nice little Denny's after-party with Vikki and quite a few others, and then home, and sleep.

Tuesday the 12th, someone returned with the rescuee, and I got the bail money back. It actually turned out that the initial driver had actually stayed in Vegas, so I'm still not sure what the point of my going up there on Monday would have been. I suspect he just wanted replacement people to party with. Still not even sure why the hell the second driver had to go. But whatever.

I'd have been extremely upset if I'd gone myself, is all I can say. As it is, I'm just kinda bemused.

Wednesday the 13th, I headed up to the Cat Club show with raven2000, for what turned out to be kind of a slow night for that place. Just 24 singers. But that at least meant that the people there got to sing a few - hell, jannypanlj got there late, and still managed to sing 3 times before leaving at a fairly sane time.

It was our second week with Jaden, Gregory ("Pooky Boots"), and Joe. They'll hopefully become regulars.

We also had a larger French contingent than we've had for a bit (Priscille was actually there). I may be seeing less of them - they're looking at the classes for this quarter with a certain amount of trepidation.

I again wasn't sober enough to head home until 5:30am or so. Rachel was mad at Wallace and Patrick for feeding me so many shots. Personally, I think the two gin&tonics she gave me might have had something to do with it, especially since they were both in pint glasses, and didn't really contain a hell of a lot of tonic.

I may just go for fruit juices tonight. Especially since I woke up around 4:00pm Thursday afternoon with a hangover. Not a big fan of those.

The Thursday the 14th show was kinda slow for a Thursday. Just 19 singers, and 8 rotations. I dragged Raven along to that one as well, so she did her usual, and camped out in the far corner on her laptop, only appearing to sing, and then head back to her digital world.

We definitely share a few points of similarity here and there.

Jenni and Liz showed up, this time after a less than two year gap. We also had snafflekid, still somewhat frozen from his trip back east - he of course had to write me a list of suicide songs (I'm adding Dance Hall Days to my repertoire as a result). And, after long absence, genuine_snark.

On the whole, a pleasant evening - just a little slower than of late.

Friday the 15th, Raven and I had dinner with my parents, and not much else. It was mostly a relaxing day.

The visit largely consisted of my dad being furious at The GIMP for not, well, mostly for not having exactly the same interface he expected. It apparently also should be in "plain English," which was where I really got amused. I gather I shouldn't have claimed that every specialty has a jargon, and especially shouldn't have claimed that literary criticism does. Because it doesn't.

At all.

In the end, I started throwing jargon at him just for the amusement value. It allowed him to be righteously indignant, so in the end I think he was happy. It's just that, in my world, L*a*b* is plain English...

And then my mom served her spinach soufflé, which made me very happy.

We got back home, and I started the several-day panic that was preparing for last night, also known as "buying tons of music."

Saturday the 16th, I dropped Raven off with Sean, and then headed up to Union City to do a private birthday party. It was an interesting night - most everyone there was either a teacher or student involved with Art of Living, most of them Indian.

So I enjoyed the food.

Well, in fact, I just enjoyed myself. They were all extremely nice people, out to have a good time. The spontaneous 8-year-old mosh pit in front of my equipment was a tad scary, but they managed to not run into anything. And there was one boy, probably 3 or 4 years old, that kept appropriating the yellow mic, and running off with it.

He didn't want to talk into it, he just thought it was cool. And every time one of his parents took it away, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Most duets involved finding out where he was hiding himself.

And then I came home, and continued panicking about buying and incorporating music. I've spent a lot of money in the last week...

Sunday the 17th was another busy show (32 singers, and 4 rotations). It wasn't as profitable as the previous Monday, but came damn close. For one thing, celticnoor was there, as well as the full Tai clan. I believe that's the first time I've seen Kristi since she moved to LA. She was looking pretty good.

On top of that, Kevin, Natalie, Sundee, and several of their theater friends showed up, after I don't know how long. Their last performance of "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" at Stage 1 Theatre is this Saturday evening, and I'm tempted to go.

And, of course, quite a few others, including Kellen, who I haven't seen in ages.

Monday the 18th was a day of multitasking. I, of course, shopped for more music, but the equipment was at the bar - so during the show Monday I got to incorporate the music and cut slips and run the show.

Which was actually a fairly busy night for a Monday - 24 singers. Though a lot of them faded early, so I managed to go for most of 8 rotations. Kellen was barbacking, and we had some repeat Con crowd (sylvan, tychobrahe, Josh, and Vikki, just to mention a few), and also more of Jen's posse of lesbians.

Yesterday afternoon I started winding down on the whole music panic thing, and only bought albums from three bands. Of course, I also got timenchanter to open up the bar for me at 5:00pm, so I could work on a few things.

Like incorporating the last bit of music, repairing the sub, and generally trying to stop hyperventilating.

So yeah, last night was the first night of Club Nostalgia, our new Goth/Industrial club. Most of the DJing was supplied by thebatt, but yours truly did a fair amount of spinning, and actually got a few (mostly undeserved) kudos.

Only two trainwrecks for the night. For my first night as a club DJ, I suppose that's not too bad. I still can't beatmatch for shit, but, well, one does what one can.

Given that all the promotion was word of mouth and Facebook, we had a very respectable turnout. It was almost crowded there for a bit, and we had a bunch of people on the dance floor a few times. There is, in fact, hope. Everyone had faded by 1:00am, but then, it's very much a work night.

I gotta say, the decorations worked very well. We had a nice ambiance going. I also need to find some more silent films to play for the coming weeks. And I'll be buying more music - but more like an album or two a week.

Speaking of which, if anyone has a request for a particular track or artist, I'm always interested.

And that's about it. I need to clean up and hie myself to the City for tonight's show, but mostly, I'm feeling the extreme relief of having last night actually work. Now we just have to worry about getting people back for next week - and adding to them.
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