January 11th, 2010


Tempus Fidgits

Well, at least it's not a month this time.

Which hopefully means I won't skip something important in this post, like I did kizmet100's and foxypinkninja's engagement last month.

Which was at KoC, and hopelessly cute. If you haven't seen it, dig up Elly, and take a look at her ring.

I've been, of course, working, like usual. timenchanter brought qzar_mystik down to the show on the 3rd, which was cool - don't get to see much of the Anthony lately. The Monday the 4th show started out dead dead dead (5 rotations of myself, Timmie, and Sean), but then Honey showed up with a whole crew, and the lovely Rachel and Annie came in (I think separately), and the end of the night was quite successful. In fact, we were off target by under 2% for the weekend.

Tuesday the 5th, Timmie and I met with Rebecca over the goth club idea. There are some slight bumps in the road right now, which she's apparently seeing as boulders, but if the panic passes, there's some really good potential there.

Wednesday the 6th was the Cat Club, which was another insanely busy night (40 individual singers), but I managed to fit in 6 rotations before stopping, umm, when I did. tankgirl came along for the ride, which ended up involving a fairly large dose of irony that I can't talk about.

But trust me, it's funny.

I even made some money. Not a lot of money, but some. And Patrick paid me a little bit for the Christmas party.

I also kept having alcohol offered to me. We didn't leave until about 5:00am, in part because I wasn't fit to drive until about 5:00am. One of the "entertaining" aspects of that gig is that I end up hitting both rush hours...

The Thursday the 7th show was also pretty packed, though it was a mere 38 singers, and only 5 rotations long. Rachel, Annie, and more of the Art History crowd were there (including Jill (department advisor, I think), who I keep mistaking for Hanan, and who thinks she's unattractive. People are funny).

There was also a nice little party for Luis' birthday - and, of course, quite a few others.

I spent several quite pleasant hours on Friday the 8th with Rebecca, again working on the goth club idea.

And then a couple of hours around midnight at Joel's place, visiting with him, synkitty, and Erin, since I wouldn't be able to make her birthday party the next day.

Saturday morning, I completely failed to make it to trivialt's grandmother's funeral. But I and the equipment did make it up to the City to Dorie's party, which went very nicely. But then, private parties than involve kshandra and sylvan don't have a tendency to go badly.

And Dorie's sister Deb singing Lucky with her partner Tammy was adorable.

Yesterday was largely taken up by the great mutiny of 2010. The group pretty much left the meeting and headed straight to the bar, which Timmie opened up early. As in, around 1:30pm. He texted me, and I began the process that is my waking up, and got there at just about 4:00pm, and so got people singing at just about 5:00pm.

There ensued a couple of hours of very, very snarky songs.

Most of that group left by about 7:30pm, except for Vikki and supersniffles. Vikki hung on for 10 rotations. Cindi stuck it out for 18.

And then the normal crowd came in - earlyish, for a change, which was odd. I'm kind of used to nobody really being there until 8:30pm or 9:00pm, but no. Sean showed up, Synthia came in with Jasmine (which was very cool. I spent a lot of the evening talking with Jasmine), electrichobbit and jorgitoelcubano spent several hours (I didn't even know Mark was on this side of the continent...), and then, more...

Not a huge number more, mind you. There were 22 singers total over the length of a 9 hour show, and 19 rotations.

It was a very tiring night, especially for Timmie. I mean, I was only there for about 10 and a half hours. He was there for closer to 13.

But at least the bar made... um, well, we made a bit more than usual. Nothing to laugh at, but nothing extraordinary, either.

Timmie and I crawled over to April's for sustenance, and then home, where oblivion was rapidly attained.

Woven throughout all of this...

Someone is trapped in Vegas. Someone else left them there, rather than hanging around as long as necessary, because that someone else had to get home to their (telecommuting) job.

That someone else then expected me (and Sean) to leave after the show last night and head to Nevada. They'd even arranged a replacement KJ for me tonight. And they were apparently fairly pissy when I said "no."

I'd already offered to help in a number of ways. But especially with Vikki's birthday party being tonight, it just ain't happening. Not to mention that I'm really not certain what my, specifically, being there would do for the situation. Sean offered to go on his own, but that, apparently, wasn't going to cut it.

There is, it appears, an actual limit to how far I'll go to rescue someone from their own bad decisions. Who knew?

And completely separately, the last couple of weeks has seen me buy a lot of sound and video equipment. Mostly, it seems, to distract me from stuff I really should be doing. Now we get to see if I ever actually install any of it...
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