January 2nd, 2010


End of the Decade

My last narrative post was on December 5th, so, obviously, this will be a bit skimpy on detail.

At least, it better be. I keep saying that, and then find myself, one novella later, wondering why the hell I did that.

At least I don't list bowel movements. Oh right - I'm not on Twitter.


Anyway, it's been 28 days since I last posted. 20 of those days were spent doing karaoke shows. One was spent DJing Sarah&Paul's wedding. At least three were devoted to repairing the MMR discs. One was Christmas day. And today is the 3rd of three days in a row that I haven't had work.

I believe that adds up.

I'm in a slightly off mood for a few reasons. One is simply that after that much work, three days in a row to myself is slightly disorienting. The other is that I kinda expected to spend most of last week with someone, or at least NYE. Time, it appears, to reassess life again...

On the other hand, I got to spend NYE at the Hodo with scads of lovely people, had some great conversations, and even got a few quick kisses at midnight.

The MMR thing... I've been asked for a number of R&B songs, and noticed that I could get the Music Maestro R&B pack for reasonably cheap. Their quality's OK, so it seemed like a good idea. The only issue is that some of the tracks were kind of messed up - in one case, as far as I can tell, from a slightly bad pressing, and in one other case I suspect because someone didn't care.

I'm pretty sure the discs aren't pirated. Not that it hugely matters, since it seems that MM is now defunct. But one disc had 6 songs that needed the graphics repaired by hand, and another had just 15 seconds at the end of the song - in fact, one "Oooooo", three "Yeah"s, a fadeout, and the credits. But that was enough.

At some point I promised myself that I wouldn't allow anymore graphics errors in the scans. I kept that promise, but it was difficult in this case. Just the one song ending was so bad that it took over a day's work just to figure out what it was supposed to look like.

That and the database changes (Oh yeah, I never mentioned the database changes. I made changes to the database) are why a group of discs I got on November 28th didn't fully make it into the books until December 21st.

The regular shows have gone pretty much as usual - some slow, some busy. A couple of the Cat Club shows were really slow, but on the other hand, Maria apparently now hates me, because when she came in on the 16th, I hadn't got her up to sing again after an hour and a half.

Because we had a 38 person rotation.

Otherwise, not a huge amount to report. I've now met all of Isabelle's sisters, none of whom are as attractive as she is. Sameer's brother Ravi showed up to last Wednesday's show, asked about people, and will likely be at KoC tomorrow. I may get to see Adrian and djmysteriousd this coming Wednesday, as well, which would be extremely cool.

Christmas Eve at KoC was pretty slow, but then, that's a holiday show for ya - they're either packed or empty.

I ran cable at Psycho Donuts on the 8th, did a Christmas party for genuine_snark's company on the 11th, did the actual show at Psycho Donuts on the 12th (which went very nicely, thank you. I don't make much money there, but I do have a lot of fun), did what was likely the last Mardi Gras show on the 18th (only sang 32 times this time. At least a large fraction were requests (Who knew I could sorta pull off Dr. Dre?), and it might have been more without the bar fight...) (Kinda relieved, in a way. The next scheduled one was for last night, which would have been yet another incredibly dead evening), and did a Christmas party for Patrick at Lot46 on the 22nd (raven2000 came along for the evening, which saved my ass - it was just the two of us singing for a lot of it).

It appears I may even get paid for the Christmas party. We'll see this Wednesday.

On the non-work front, timenchanter and I went to hektikat's graduation party on the 19th. It was kind of a requirement - I loaned her money at one point to help pay her registration. Finally got to meet the boy, who seems like quite the nice guy. Also got to spend time at a rather amazing house in Hayward. The hosts were Daniella and Lars, Daniella used to be in the antiques biz, and the home décor is like a Goth dream come true.

There was also the aforementioned NYE party, and also Christmas day up at the Dome, with Timmie, the 'rents, Beth&Vee, and the Banerjees. The usual, what - including the traditional Christmas samosas and shrimp cocktails.

Of course, I left that to go into full-blown panic mode about the wedding, which was the next day.

There were two issues with the wedding. The main one being that I was DJing, not KJing. Which included playing salsa music from a series of un- or badly- identified burned discs, whose music I had to somewhat label (Tunatic is my friend - and a good thing, too. There were a lot of repeated tracks), and trying to expand my normal music collection (which is small) to encompass both what Sarah likes, and what would likely be requested.

I managed everything but Thriller, which I forgot is somehow a modern wedding staple.

The other issue was the mixer board. My mixer has been slowly deteriorating for some time, with a fair amount of recent acceleration. I'd found a good deal on the latest model, and just needed to exchange the two - all the connectors and controls are in the same place, so it should have been a trivial operation.

Should have been.

But it turns out the new model has a sleeker, fancier case, which includes countersunk screws at the location the rack-ears attach. Countersunk screws that, unlike the old model, aren't long enough to reach the threading through the rack-ears.

I spent a great deal of Saturday morning, and some of Saturday afternoon, running from hardware store to hardware store. Turns out Mackie had decided to use an M3.5 screw. Which is, technically, a standard size. It's just a standard size that hardware stores don't stock.

In the end, I threw the old system back together, and hoped the mixer would hold - which it did. The worst result was that I snuck into the ceremony a bit late, and in my street clothes - but everything was set up on time, and worked well.

I just need to get myself some Michael Jackson.

What else? Well, it looks like the Tuesday Goth/Industrial night thing is coming together. I've mentioned that before, right? Right?

Well, it's coming together. We're tentatively opening on the 19th, and I'll be (gods help us) spinning. Or at least jerking around in a rotational fashion.

And that's all I can think of right now. Think I'll go back to bed.

Love you all.
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Kinda Pathetic, Really

I'm wandering through the Sunnyvale Fry's, not because I have anything here to shop for (I was in this store yesterday, for goodness sake), but because it has people in it, and is brightly lit.

Especially the brightly lit.

A daylight bulb for my room might be a good investment...
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