November 12th, 2009

Sri Yantra


I'm again sitting in the waiting room at Lotus Glass, waiting for yet another window to be replaced.

I made the cardinal mistake of leaving something visible in my car in the SOMA, so some time between 2am and 4am last night, a window was broken, and a small backpack stolen.

The expensive part being the damn window. The backpack itself was nice (leather, had sentimental value to the ex, but, well, she didn't end up with it (I'd be less nonchalant if she hadn't latched onto a bunch of stuff that had sentimental value to me)), and I've gotta replace the toiletries, but otherwise it just had a change of clothes.

Of course, those clothes included my integral shirt, and my Baycon 2009 staff shirt.

So if you see a derelict wandering the streets of the City wearing a Baycon staff shirt, you'll know where it came from.
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