November 9th, 2009


Another Day...

Sunday was very much low-key - most of it spent snoozing. 'Twas rather nice.

Grabbed dinner at Panera again, late, with the result that I got to the bar half an hour late.

And was set up half an hour late.

Half an hour after that, I had people and enough songs to start.

The players for the night were megnc86 (who brought her friend Hillary, who was too scared to sing), tychobrahe (who was appropriately horrified at the change of décor), kizmet100 and foxypinkninja, ajayav and chiendarrendor, lucydogstringer and Gia, supersniffles, swanhart, Honey, trivialt, James, and Michael.

Michael is an actor up here from LA for some project. The boys were all over him, which worked out well - he was all over the boys.

Gia's back from her latest jaunt to wildest Utah. Apparently she took Steven out to Effie's this last Tuesday, where he had the horror of being fawned over by females. Well, fawned over by females he didn't find attractive. Poor Judy...

He also met Sean and Dev, both of whom he found hilarious. Apparently Dev didn't respond well to "You're not gay with those eyebrows?"...

Otherwise, I still find it amusing that Justin showed up the day I was having MySQL issues - after a couple of months of absence.

Fun little night. 15 singers, and 8 rotations. The bar didn't exactly do wonderfully, but it did OK, so I did OK.

I managed to get everything shut down by about 2:30pm, and then timenchanter, Cindi, and I visited April.

Then home, and eventually sleep.

I've been up for a few hours, and need to get myself together and over the hill. raven2000 needs to be over here tomorrow afternoon, and the best best method of doing that would be to grab her now.

So to speak.

The rumor of the day is that Julz's "Venues" has been closed down by the city of Santa Clara. Take that with as many grains of salt as you'd like, since I have only one source, and that not official.

If true, I'm sure it's not her fault. After all, nothing ever is...
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