October 25th, 2009



Immediately after my last post, I got a call from raven2000 requesting a couple of items. By the time I had myself more or less together, the list had grown to about 13, several of them mildly obscure.

Four stores and four hours later, I was unloading the car in Boulder Creek. I then napped for, well, longer than I should have, imposed on John's hospitality for a shower, dropped Her Ravenness off in town for a party, and headed back up the mountain to the Dome.

I was supposed to get there "early." It was something like 8:00pm when I walked in the door.

I managed to make myself useful, anyway. They had some stuff that needed to be hauled down to the garage, which was easily done in the dark. Plus a bracket/holder thing to be made for their new rain gauge, which took me maybe an hour to build and install in the same place as their old one.

Then we had a nice chicken dinner, talked a bit, and I headed back down to civilization.

The excitement since then has mostly involved laundry, and passing out in my chair.

I'm hoping the second load dries soon, so I can actually pass out in the bed, for a change.

In other news, the Yelp count is now back down to 4 reviews. I kinda wish I'd kept enough data to make a graph, at this point. It'd be kinda wild.
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