October 24th, 2009


Excitement, Thrills, and Really Big Things

Wednesday, I got myself awake-ish and over the hill to Boulder Creek by about 3:00pm, picked up raven2000, and brought her back over here, where she could do some shopping.

Then off to Berkeley to drop her off to see someone, after my usual "Go the wrong way on the 80, and have to turn around at Treasure Island" bit. It's apparently hard for my brain to comprehend that going eastward on the 80 would result in anything but falling off the edge of the Earth.

And then back over the bridge again to the Cat Club, a little late. I normally like to give myself an hour and a half to set up, and I had 50 minutes. It took me until 9:20pm, so of course it was a night that the House of Salvation had taken to show up.

It's not the first time in the last month that we've opened late, but the first time in that month that we've opened late because of me. Dammit.

This also meant that I had no time to play with the sound. As I've said, it sounded great last week. So of course, in the interim, they replaced the whole sound setup.

Steve kept claiming that things sounded like they did last week because an amp burned out. If true, it means that there's an amp and extra set of speakers wholly devoted to screwing up the sound. Which isn't exactly impossible.

It's still better than it used to be (I didn't have to disconnect a speaker to kill the feedback), but I had enough of that midrange feedback that I had very little headroom for the quiet singers. Plus it sounded kinda muddy, no matter what I did.

Hopefully this week, I'll be able to get there in time to fiddle.

In any case, it was a pleasant little night. A total of 38 singers, but also 5 rotations, because the HoS group had to fade early. A bunch of nice people, including an appearance by timenchanter after a day of assisting firestrike. The most surprising bit of the evening was seeing Sameer (of Sameer and Ravi), who was tagging along with the HoS group. I haven't seen him in something like 5 years - he asked after bustymcboob.

The French contingent was a little subdued, because both Isabelle and Maëlys were having boy issues. They both required numerous hugs to help them feel better. It was awful.

I managed to get shut down and out of there by about 4:10am, and then headed back across the bridge to pick up a waiting Raven and swerve groggily down the edge of the Bay. We stopped at a Denny's about halfway, which helped wake me up a bit, but not enough. Turns out one of the things about stopping at April's for a while is that it's only about a 7 minute drive from there to home.

Nevertheless, we made it, and I collapsed into bed while the insomniac enjoyed having connectivity.

There was simply not enough time for sleep Thursday, because there were more errands to be done, and then a dash over the hill to drop Raven and the supplies off in Boulder Creek. Well, not quite a dash. Mountain driving scares her half to death (we all have our phobias), and so I'm getting a lot of practice at (1) driving slow, and (2) identifying and using turnouts.

I got paid back for the money I spent on supplies, plus a guilt-inducing amount for time and effort, failed miserably to get her new wireless router to work (I honestly think her connection was down, but I had limited time to check it), then rushed back over the hill to load the car and get to the bar.

Late, of course. At least there was a smaller group waiting on me, and I did manage to get started by something like 8:40pm (I think). And then people kept trickling in. 33 singers for the night, and four rotations. We apparently were about 6% off target for the night, which is quite acceptable.

Andrew brought in a couple, Rhett and Amy. The story is that they'd come in a few times before in the distant past, but just moved into the area - they'll be likely spending more time at the bar.

Little Rachel came back, which is always cool. She's one of those shy little things with a beautiful voice.

Caeylin brought in a friend, Dee. Ed brought Maria. Sarah and David brought each other - I assume they'd been at some event. They were dressed a little... provocatively, and spent their time holding each other's hands and chains. It was rather sweet.

We had a guy who called himself LeBaron. Given his appearance, that actually kind of fitted.

And, of course, quite a few more. The initial group was Albert, ajayav, and a Jennifer. Jennifer was obviously not used to karaoke, and especially karaoke rotations. Nice enough for all that.

Had supper chez April afterwards with Timmie and supersniffles, where Cindi tentatively declared the new cheeseburgers edible.

Then home for a few hours of sleep, before heading off for an opthalmology appointment. It appears I can still see.

Then back home for a few more hours of sleep, Some rushing around getting Timmie back to his car, fully loading mine, and speeding (a hyperbolic term. It was rush hour) to the evening's private party.

Which didn't happen, because the birthday girl was in the hospital after emergency surgery. The woman that answered the door wondered who the hell I was, but opened up when I explained myself. I'd be upset about missing some needed income, but then I'm not in the hospital.

So I went with Timmie to greatharlequin and angst_t_clown's place and hung out for the evening. I was even conscious for parts of it. There was also Tara, and Scott, and this rather intriguing woman named Darcy.

Around 1:30am I headed home and collapsed in a heap. Which I think I'll do more of...
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