October 21st, 2009

Sri Yantra


There was a whole buncha stuff I was supposed to do yesterday. Of which I did precisely none.

Get some more music, wash some clothes, wash my sheets, shop for stuff for raven2000, go visit said Raven, work on advertising...

Nope. At least the visit was cut short because she wasn't feeling up to company, which on the whole was a good thing - neither was I.

We're supposed to try again today.

I'm not totally sure what I actually did, to be honest. Mostly vegged. I dragged myself out of the house around 8:00pm and went to the Cheesecake Factory, where I ate way too much way too expensive food, and surfed.

A lot of time was spent shopping for cabling online. I'm considering "moving in" to the Cat Club, which in this case means running permanent cables under the DJ booth structure, and leaving a length coiled under the cage, where I can quickly uncoil them, do minor taping, and be ready to go.

Well, after I take a bag off the ends. I am talking about leaving cables under the cage. At least two drinks get spilled back there every night.

And apart from reconnecting everything at the other end. Everyone who uses that DJ booth reconfigures everything completely. One of the worries about the idea is that someone would disconnect a cable of mine, then drop it through to the closet below - so it'd actually take longer to hook everything up...

Anyway, doing all that requires 50 foot cables. Well, honestly, 40 foot cables, but I like having some flexibility. And, especially for audio cables with an RCA connector (because that's all their stupid mixer will take), 50 foot cables are hard to come by. I've found some online that look promising - even one that has the ¼" connectors on the other end I need. Unfortunately, that one says nothing about shielding, and since I'll be running both cables next to a power cable...

At least, maybe. I need to talk to Randy. One of the issues is that, to reduce hum, I need to use a star power configuration - which means taking power from the same box that connects to the mixer, up in the booth. Hell, I've had issues plugging in to the opposite side of the booth.

Unfortunately, while this is obvious to me, it's not particularly convincing to most fire marshals, who take a dim view of permanently run extension cords. Them and their silly worries about fires and risks of electrocution.

Speaking of reconfiguration, I'm curious what the sound will be like tonight. I started doing my ritual "turn on the sound, and then fiddle until the feedback is manageable" bit last week, to find that the sound was clean, beautiful, and I couldn't get feedback when I tried. Apparently someone had come in and fiddled with the amplifier settings, which I've been loathe to do.

It sounded great all night. I mean, great. A very nice fill through the whole room.

I need to get in contact with whoever did it, because I'm positive it'll be completely fucked up tonight, and I need to figure out how to get back to that configuration.
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Monday night, one of the tiny group there talked to me about how their old KJ in LA was willing to put a turnkey karaoke system together for them for a mere $3,000 - and that they'd throw in their whole collection for free.

I really don't know how to respond in those cases. I believe I said something about actually buying my music - to which I got a response on the order of "he's willing to give it all to me."

I gave up. There's a certain level of cluelessness that I just don't feel up to dealing with.

Yes, he can, physically, hand you the whole collection. Given the reports of the size of the collection in question, he probably got it off torrents, anyway. Just as I can, physically, go rifle through your girlfriend's purse when she's not looking.

That doesn't make it legal, and in fact it could land you in a lot of trouble. Probably not, but it could.

As far as I can tell, it doesn't happen too often because karaoke companies aren't exactly rolling in dough. But it does happen.

Not that I feel particular happy cheering on Sound Choice. They're one of those companies that has blamed everything that's happened to them on piracy - while alienating their customers through their "anti-piracy" efforts.

My favorite - and the one that, as far as I can tell, really marked the beginning of their downward spiral - was when they produced CDs that didn't match the standard format, on the theory that they'd play in normal players, but wouldn't be properly readable in PC CD drives.

The problem being that (1) a number of the commercial CD players on the market were basically PCs in a box, and couldn't read the discs, and (2) it took about a month for software to appear that could read them in a standard PC. They actually increased the likelihood of people ripping their discs.

Not that this is particularly surprising. All DRM ever does is penalize honest people, in many cases to the extent that they turn to piracy.

The latest bit is that they apparently want a license fee for every disc of theirs that's been transferred to hard drive for commercial purposes. Which, as far as I can tell, is piracy in itself. Commercial use or not, as long as there is no financial harm to them, format shifting is still Fair Use. It's simply a matter of ensuring that only one copy of the work is in use at any one time.

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