July 19th, 2009


Another Week Goes By...

So what can I remember. After my little exercise in venting, Sunday, I went back to bed, getting up a little later in order to give raven2000 a ride back from her thing. Then some dinner, and the Sunday show.

Nice little evening. 19 singers, and 9 rotations. There was kizmet100 and megnc86 and Megan's girl Sandra and Andrew S and trivialt and Veronica and moahb and jasonmagick and snafflekid and tlsthatsme and synkitty and supersniffles.

Not to mention a return after long absence of Cheri, Tim & Andrew (who eventually brought in their friends Nicole and Ann), and three songs by foxypinkninja.

Denny's with timenchanter and Cindi, then home, where I slept for a little bit before giving another early morning ride to Raven, then the same sleep/afternoon pickup/dinner thing.

Monday's show was a little slower - 11 singers and 12 rotations. Synthia, Kathy&David J, more Megan, some stuberyl, one of the Matts, quite a bit of Gia, the usual amount of Cindi, and a Kellen that showed up at the last minute to pass out cinnamon mini-donuts and sing Closing Time.

The weekend take was only 10% down from target.

I believe the visit to April that night was just myself and Synthia.

Tuesday, like a lot of this week, was spent composing emails. It looks like I've got a working relationship going with Fnord and A+D - I just need to deliver. That's all. No pressure

Tuesday evening I headed off to the Zen Lounge with R for one of Dev's events with DJ Purple. It's the first time I've seen Steve and Mary since their baby was born - they looked good. Hung out, though given the volume, most conversations were pretty minimal.

Talked a bit with Sean. Sigh. Poor guy. A really fucked-up part of the human condition is how much wanting something tends to drive it away, and fearing it tends to pull it near.

And some more Gia, and Sal, and Dev's whatever-she-is Alanna, and quite a few other people.

Megan showed up around 11:00pm, and we danced some.

It was quite a busy little party, which was nice to see. Would have been nicer if I'd been working...

R & I left around, I believe, 1:00am.

The day on Wednesday is a bit of a blur. I believe I mostly spent it sweltering. That evening R & I headed up to the Cat Club, a little late, but not incredibly. There was more delay due to not being able to get ahold of people to open the door.

But between the two of us, I was able to let in the J/G crowd at just about 9:00pm. I didn't quite have the books out immediately, but that happened in short order, and I believe I started at just about 9:20pm.

A quite pleasant lil' show. 30 singers, and four and a half rotations. Randy sang a couple of songs. Wil, Matthew, Evan, and Amy were there pretty much all night. jannypanlj was a little late, but most definitely there.

For a change, R and Dennis were actually at the club at the same time. They've been trying to meet up since, I believe, the first one.

Despite promises, Maria & Tim didn't make it. But we had this group of Norse tourists that were quite entertaining.

A large part of the porn contingent came in - Justin was showing his cousin Michelle around, and Jesse came with. Jesse remembered me from his birthday at Julie's, which, given his birthday at Julie's, was actually a bit surprising.

This was a Rachel-less Wednesday, so Alethea was bartending, and got up the courage to sing a couple, as did Steve. Steve continues to impress me with the range of stuff he's willing to try.

Even with all that, it wasn't precisely an immensely profitable evening. But it was reasonably decent - and a lot of fun.

We were done with teardown around 3:00am, then the usual trek south, after which I dropped R off at home.

Thursday during the day is another blur. Mostly, I think, more email stuff. I definitely got one of the mashups that afternoon...

I was late to the show that evening for no particular reason. It just took me forever to get ready. I'll blame the heat, because it's available to be blamed.

Since I was late, there was, of course, a small crowd there. Robin&Jason had been there for some time, and people were gathering for racerxmachina's birthday party. The only member of the group I recognized was palecur, who hasn't been in for quite some time (rather like Robin).

I got going just a little before 9:00pm, and then had an evening of 25 singers and 6 rotations.

There were Kellen, Hex, and Mandi, Jorgie, Veronica, Andrew S, Maggie, Jason, Synthia, June, Adonis, Gia, Cindi, the other Andrew, and more.

The bar made just a little over target.

The visit to April was just myself and Timmie, and then home, where I mostly collapsed.

Friday was an unplanned day, which was nice for a change. I bought some paper, deposited some cash, gave up on getting a trim (the line was huge), and was chillin' in a bakery when I got a call from turn2nz, who had just gotten into town.

So I headed up to Mountain View, and spent the evening with her and Stuart. I even got a quick hug from Sabrina as she was heading out the door with Nara.

A wonderful time, as always. I truly miss those two.

I was supposed to get up reasonably early on Saturday (like, noon), and go have breakfast with them, but instead I stayed up all night procrastinating. I actually got a few things done, but very few. It was at least 7:00am before I crawled into bed.

Around 6:00pm I was sort of together, and headed up to the Dome for the weekly visitation. The usual couple of simple tasks, dinner, and then I came back home around 10:30pm, where I started this little exercise in short-term nostalgia.

Given how I feel right now, I'll probably just go for some sleep. I's tired.
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Miracles DO Happen!

I forgot to mention that sometime last week, I think Thursday, they finally updated my yellowpages ad.

It may not be the best, but at least it's my bad wording, instead of theirs.

Please. Go. Critique. Review, even.
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More Mash

I've been allowed one more mashup track: Closer To Rock N Roll, by Smash-Up Derby. It's in the catalog as MASH-002-01.

The track and unique song counts have therefore incremented each by one, to 14,597 and 10,797, respectively.

Everything's updated, update sheets are printing, the usual, what.
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