July 8th, 2009


Goodbye to the Cherry

I managed a little more sleep yesterday afternoon, then got myself down to Dev's place at a reasonable hour - 5:15pm, in this case.

The idea was that I had more than a car load's worth of stuff, plus tankgirl had expressed interest in going. So I'd make the first trip, unload, head back to my place, pick up the girl and my speakers, then bounce back down to set up.

Best laid plans, etc, etc.

First of all, the Angelic one wasn't responding to calls or texts - not a rare occurrence, so no biggie. Second of all, Dev was delayed by a huge assortment of factors - none of which were his fault.

I didn't get around to figuring out how to break into the house until nearly 6:00pm. I shortly gave up completely on the original plan, and bugged timenchanter to bring me the speakers. That at least meant I got to give him the tour.

The funny thing there was Keri. She walked in while I was showing Timmie what was left of the blue room, upstairs, and was staring at us when we walked back down.

She was there to help Dev with the party, and hadn't ever met me before. The look on her face was... entertaining.

I managed to get everything placed and hooked up by about 7:40pm, meaning I was only a few minutes late - and I didn't really get songs until 8:10pm, anyway.

It was another one of those "starting out slow" nights - though not terribly so. The first rotation was Dev, myself, Sean, rackstraw, David, Bill, and Steve (the guy that tipped me to the Coulton karaoke). The second added LT, Christina, and Tony - and it accelerated from there.

The party really started with the third round, anyway, as that's when we added Holly and raven2000 - not to mention Melanie from the beach party.

In any case, it built up to 18 singers, and largely stayed there until we stopped a little after 2:00am, after the 7th rotation and three group songs. It was quite a party.

I had around 8 people on the dance floor for a good fraction of the night. And the income wasn't too shabby, either. Not huge (Dev actually took his share this time), but very nice.

Timmie came over after he was finished at TD's, helped pack up some stuff, and drove off with the TV that I borrowed from Paula, meaning I could fit everything in the car. Well, except for Raven, but she was kind of occupied, anyway.

What with a slow shutdown and general hanging out, I didn't leave until something like 5:00am. If I'd actually followed the orders to get in the hot tub, who knows when I would have left...

Got home, and pretty much collapsed. I need a bit more sleep at this point, but I'm not totally sure I can afford it. There are a few things I need to do before tonight, and I must be there on time - the J/G group is coming, apparently bigger than ever.

Plus we'll have a kshandra.

The plan was that R would be coming with me, but I kinda doubt that's going to happen...
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