July 6th, 2009


Rocket's Red Glare

I got myself out of the house by 3:30pm or so on Friday, failed to match schedules with raven2000 (between a job and a more "normal" schedule, it just wasn't gonna happen), and so did some general, well, stuff.

Got the slips from FedEx, some more pens at Staples (I'd just gotten my coupon for recycling a toner cartridge), got gas, tried to deposit some cash (my bank was closed), then realized I really needed to do some laundry.

Since I started the laundry after everything else, I didn't make it up to my parents' place until about 7:30pm. I continue to be a bad son.

But hey, I did manage a couple of chores for them, in exchange for my gourmet meal...

I left there around 10:30pm, and was feeling kinda blah, so I decided to head home and chill - as opposed to going directly to the party at Max&Alex's.

According to the texts and calls I got from timenchanter, onyx101, and Hex, this was not acceptable. So I headed down there, and much fun was had.

There was hanging out with Tara and a cheerful, if sunburned, Shar, much talking with Alex about software, and a bit of cuddling here and there. There was some Mo, and some Veronica, and people I didn't know, but should have talked to, like Jocelyn (I think that's it), and Ida Rose (I think that's it, too...).

I finally left around 4:00am, and got myself some sleep.

Not too surprisingly, I got going a little late Saturday afternoon. Still, picked Raven up by 4:30pm, had a relaxed dinner at the Valley Fair CPK (it was on the way), figured out which beach we were going to (Manresa), and made our way to the party that rackstraw had invited her to.

Turned out to be riversprite's party, so we were first welcomed by the dulcet tones of hektikat screaming "Bruce!"

Then I got to spend a fair amount of time catching up with Jasmine, who would have introduced me to her boy, if he'd been conscious.

And a bunch of other people that are again a little fuzzy at this point. I talked to a Melanie, who just got her masters in psych. I think Chris, the guy running the grill, was her boyfriend, but I could be wrong.

If I'd been able to find my swimsuit, which seems to have completely disappeared, I might have braved the ocean. But as it is, we just took a long walk in the sand. At least I remembered a hat this time - there was no noticeable increase in sunburn.

We left around, I think, 9:00pm. The illegal fireworks were in full swing.

Grabbed some groceries for breakfast, then settled in to my room to watch Narc. R has a fondness for cheerful movies.

In the morning we continued with Salò or the 120 Days of Sodom, which the landlord had loaned me. He's apparently a lot more perverted than I gave him credit for.

R quite liked it.

She braved the kitchen long enough to make breakfast, and then I got her home. The rest of Sunday was pretty mellow (I think I just went back to sleep). I know I got to the bar late (again). Still, I was able to get started by about 8:20pm, which isn't too bad. It did mean Carol didn't get to sing.

We started with myself, Timmie, synkitty, qzar_mystik, and Jasmine (!!!). I hadn't seen this Jasmine in ages, either.

We were eventually joined by Hex, Joyce, James W, the elder Mark (he was off housesitting for the last month, which is why he hasn't been in), Kellen, Veronica, Jorgie (who was in, umm, "fine" form. Managed to creep me out. Plus I'm invited to his son's wedding in Washington. Yay), Dennis (I believe it's actually been years), and lucydogstringer (who was thrilled to learn that Julz might be shitting all over yet another gay bar).

That was pretty much it for the evening - though it was a lively little group, especially with Stacy lurking at the bar (and she does lurk so prettily). 12 rotations, and the bar did OK, if not great. Tonight'll have to be fairly good to hit target, though.

The Denny's afterparty was myself, Timmie, Synthia, Jasmine, Kellen, and Steven. Much fun was, as usual, had.

Then home, and that sleep thing. I haven't done too much today, apart from send a complaint to AT&T about my yellow pages ad. You'd think they'd at least get the name right...
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The Last Tuesday!

Tomorrow is the last Tuesday party at Dev's before he moves.

As always, we're asking $10 a head to defray expenses, for which you get snacks, sodas, karaoke by moi, and access to the firepit and jacuzzi.

We have a bunch of people showing up this time, so it promises to be quite a party!

The address is:
3403 Cherry Ave
San Jose
You can find it here - it's the big house with the balcony in the street view.

I'll be running from 8:00pm to midnight - and likely quite a bit beyond. Come visit!
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