June 19th, 2009



I keep an insanely close watch on my income and outgo, including cash transactions, and when I periodically (every two months or so) recount how much cash I have, I'm normally well within $10.

I somehow have $179.85 more than I expected. I mean, it's really nice to have more money (really really), but where the hell did it come from?
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Under the Weather

Akchally, I'm more than just under the weather - I'm sick. Ill. Illin'. Which might help explain the long series of fuck-ups that was Wednesday - in the days before symptoms appear, I frequently have a somewhat malfunctioning brain.

I did, in fact, have an hour's nap after yesterday's post, and was feeling a little scratchy when I woke up. I was out of my elderberry placebo, so yesterday's errands included grabbing some more of that. Otherwise, I mostly just dropped by Guitar Center to get a replacement yellow mic condom. I would have bought a red one as well, but they seem to not be restocking that part of the store - all they had was yellow and black, and not much of that.

Time to start shopping for those online, apparently.

I was a little late to the bar, but, surprisingly (and with the help of synkitty, who brought in and then distributed the books), I started the show on time.

It was another slowish Thursday, kept that way in part by the fact that it was frikkin' hot. But still, we had 22 singers in 8 rotations, including jasonmagick, Wayne, ajayav, Albert, megnc86, Matt H, the elusive swanhart, snafflekid, Mikey H, Honey, large portions of the Alex squad (including Nelson, who is rarely there), cybrenn, lucydogstringer, and supersniffles.

There was singing, and dancing (Ed, Jason, and Honey were there, after all), and progressive laryngitis from yours truly. By the end of the night I could do a little better than croak - but not much.

The bar did well under target, but hopefully enough to provide Paula with some profit.

I didn't feel particularly up to hanging out for supper, so I just grabbed some Jack in the Box tacos on my way home, and ate those at my desk. I wasn't too sure I could lie down without going into a coughing fit, so I slept for a few hours in my chair - then felt somewhat better, and transferred to the bed.

I got up around 3:30pm, feeling generally better, and slowly got myself out the door and to Kaiser by 6:50pm - nothing to do with this situation, but I had a prescription I needed to pick up. Then, since I wasn't feeling too bad, and had mysterious amounts of extra cash floating around my wallet, I had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, where I actually didn't finish my pasta.

Bought some ginger tea, then came home, where I've been mindlessly goofing off since. It's good that I feel better, but I need to be at least OK by 3:00pm tomorrow, when I start the birthday party for Gia's cousin. It's just a matter of convincing my immune system of this...

Right now, I need to look into my dance music collection - I'm likely to be doing more of that tomorrow.
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