June 11th, 2009



So, as I was getting ready to go back to bed yesterday afternoon, I checked the mail and found yesterday's disc, so my afternoon sleep session turned into a one hour nap.

Which of course got me on the road later than I planned to - even though I didn't invite anyone along for the ride this time.

Still, after fighting through traffic, I managed to park in front of the Cat Club at 7:45pm, only 15 minutes later than I'd arranged to be there. Of course, knocking on the door and calling the club's phone produced no effect, so I called Eric, one of the owners, and asked him to come down and open up for me.

Turned out (1) the guy I was supposed to meet, Randy, was in his office, and (2) I should have pushed the prominently noticeable doorbell. Fortunately Randy noticed me there before Eric arrived, so Eric was inconvenienced, well, less.

Oh well.

Randy's the actual tech, and was sick last week. Apparently the guy I dealt with then is actually security, which would explain the glower. Randy is one hell of a lot easier to deal with.

Plus he got the projector working, which makes him OK in my book.

We fiddled with the sound, and got it... reasonable. There's still room for improvement, but we managed to get rid of the bass feedback, and get a reasonable sound mix. Randy suggested I bring one of my speakers for sound fill from the other end of the room (their system is impressive, but is only at one end of a very long room), but I think I want to try working with their setup more, if only because it leaves a seat free in the car...

We were still fiddling with it when jannypanlj showed up a little after 9:00pm, but I think we were more or less ready to go by 9:15pm. Might have been 9:30pm - I was a little focused on what I was doing. Jan was nice enough to pass out the books, slips, and pens, as well as find places to put a couple of my cases. Being helpful worked out rather well - they figured she was working with me, and gave her free drinks.

We had one other guy (Dennis) start to look at songs, so I decided to fire it up, dead or not - which meant that the Joshua/Grace group walked in during the middle of my first song, followed by Carly and Kevin, then Anita. Or Anita, then Carly and Kevin. Whatever. The first rotation was 14 people long.

At the start of the second rotation, Heather, who I gather does their clothes check, put in a song, then Randy decided he'd play - though he wanted enough time to get drunk first. Heather wasn't too thrilled about the wait. Randy downed another shot just as he was called.

Then he wouldn't let go of the mic.

Meanwhile, Rachel and Kym walked in, which was wonderful. Kym works there, and had heard about last week. Which means I got to see more of Rachel (at one point, quite a bit more), who, if she can bring in more business, may get to bartend there. Which would be awesome.

Alethea did a couple of songs, though the second one was sorta preempted by Patrick (the other owner), who, it turns out, is an excellent singer - enough of an excellent singer that he actually made My Way enjoyable for me (Soooo burned out on that song).

Then Rachel got involved, and actually sang - as did Kym, which is rare, but far from unheard-of.

There were a few more people, like Bronica, this group of French tourists (who rocked Highway to Hell), and Stephen, who used to work with Alethea, and was worried he wouldn't sound good enough (he did).

Rachel got Anthony to show up, but only by about 1:30pm, so he didn't sing.

One of the more amusing parts of the evening was that, when the Joshua/Grace gang left around midnight (a last train situation), a large number of those left were drunk enough that the rotation got a little... odd. Randy kept on throwing fives in my tip jar to sing out of order, people were insisting that they needed to do a particular matching song next, and much in that vein.

I kept it reasonably orderly, and I think everyone was relatively cool with it, except perhaps Anita, who was, quite honestly, depressed in the first place.

I stopped keeping track at 1:40am, at the end of the fifth rotation. I sorta shut down, but Rachel wanted to keep singing - and I was not about to stop her. Especially when Kym joined in.

It turns out the issue with Rachel is that her family is very musical, she's been trained, and even performed professionally when she was younger. So she feels like a failure every time a song doesn't come out perfectly.

Yet she enjoys listening to my singing. Go figure.

So, one hell of a busy evening, with much singing, much drunkenness, and a certain amount of falling off of barstools. The bar didn't make a huge amount of money, largely because a fair amount of the drinking was comped. Still, between the bar and tips, I did fine - and we should be able to build it from there.

I was out of there by about 3:00am or so, and headed on South, with a stop-off at April's for food and a bit of waking up.

Today has been spent mostly on, well, today's disc, and this post. I've also got some new toys, like some Li-ion 9v batteries that just may make the yellow mic easier to deal with. I just need to install the special charger in the rig (probably tomorrow).

Right now, I need to sleep some more. Time will tell if that actually happens...
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