June 3rd, 2009

Triskell Knot

Final Stretch

Monday was largely devoted to sleep, though I eventually got up and met with She Who Never Stops to discuss a project over dinner. Then we dropped by Fry's, because I wanted a few doodads.

I had previously spent quite a bit of time finding just the perfect LED flex lights for my board, in the end getting a pair that have clips that can be clamped on by the ears on my mixer board. They've been very nice, but they just started being intermittent, and I don't want to buy new ones because they're ridiculously expensive and obviously don't last all that long.

So, instead, I did some brainstorming about using a cable clamp to secure a normal $5 USB light. We got all the pieces at Fry's, I dropped her off at home, and proceeded to the Monday show.

A slow evening, but fun. First off, it was megnc86's birthday, and she brought the clan.

Most of whom frankly didn't seem all that thrilled to be there. Ah well.

Second of all, we had kshandra all night.

And we also had synkitty, Mark, Kathy & David, lucydogstringer, and supersniffles.

And Iwi. Iwi came in with what I assume was her girlfriend, though I'm assuming quite a bit. They're both rather much on the attractive side, and while it seemed like Iwi wasn't hugely used to karaoke, she's used to performing in some capacity.

Very nice singer, and danced rather well with most of her songs.

We all hope they come back. They were much fun.

Otherwise, kind of an average Monday. Ran for 9 rotations, made some money.

timenchanter was going to join Kiri and I at April's, but, well, another night, another chargerboy call. So we were stuck with just the two of us.

We dealt.

Then I headed home, unloaded the car, and slept.

I unloaded the car because I decided when I woke up Monday that I just didn't feel like fighting with Dev again over another party. I seriously need money (what with all the wine Jack, women, and song), but I also needed a break, and I didn't feel like pushing it.

And he never contacted me.

The funny thing was that almost as soon as I decided not to push it, I got a phone call from somebody that hired me for a party this Saturday. Found me on Yelp.

I'd toyed around with the idea of visiting my parents on Tuesday - it's been a while. But instead, I settled down to alternating Peggle and posting. The latter is just about finished, since I'm finally up to date.

I never even left the apartment - dinner was delivery pizza.

At some point here, I need to work on the USB lights for the board, because, well, I'm doing my first night at the Cat Club tomorrow, and it's kinda dim in there. I may sleep a bit first, though.

And I'm still not sure precisely what's happening tomorrow. Something about a benefit, and I'm suppose to be ready to go by 6:00pm. We'll see.
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