April 13th, 2009


Another Week, Another Tuesday!

And I'll be at Dev's house tomorrow!

The number of people signed up through his meetup group keeps growing - but it would be nice to see some other faces.

Dev, as always, provides the snacks and sodas (including his fried shrimp and scallops), and I'll bring the music.

We're still asking $10 a person to defray expenses (less than an adult movie ticket), and, of course, BYOB. The last thing we need is to be raided by the ABC.

Dev's place is amazing. I'm pretty sure he can be convinced to fire up the hot tub, so you can soak out back between songs. Or hang out around the fire pit. Or chill on a couch. Or dance in the large dance floor area.

The address is:
3403 Cherry Ave
San Jose
You can find it here - it's the big house with the balcony in the street view.

I'll be running from 7:00pm to midnight - and likely beyond. Come visit!
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Semblance of Normalcy

I'm playing off procrastinations, here - as long as I'm updating, I don't have to consider my taxes.

Though at least I've gotten myself to install Turbotax. It's a good first step. Locating the relevant paperwork will be... trickier.

From that point, it'll be trivial to put everything in - and then I can have a good laugh about how much they want me to pay.

Meanwhile, back at yesterday afternoon...

I napped some more, wrote a contrived blurb for my Yelp page, and eventually drove off with a car full of equipment around 6:30pm. Even with a stop for fast food, I was at the bar at just about the stroke of 7:00pm, and set up well before 8:00pm.

Of course, I didn't start until almost 9:00pm. I should have started earlier - this girl named, as far as I could read, "Mana," put in a Latin song at something like 8:20pm, but I kept waiting for Ian's songs on the jukebox to finish.

I should know better.

Anyway, she was gone by the time I actually started, which makes me feel bad. But by that point we had jasonmagick, who wasn't sure if he wanted to sing, but ended up doing 5 songs. Shortly after that we had qzar_mystik.

And that, with timenchanter and myself, was the rotation until something approaching 10:30pm.

Then people started showing up, the first being Mark.

I apparently should remember Mark, and probably would if my memory didn't suck so very, very much. I gather he used to go to the Daybreak, and his first question was to ask where my ex-wife was...

He apparently heard about the place from Chris H, who lived at the HoD in 2005. Chris, I gather, worked for him for a short while, which is a phrase frequently used when referring to Chris.

We also had the Rickstar, and moahb, and tlsthatsme, and Sarah & Paul, as well as later appearances by both supersniffles and lucydogstringer.

Then there were Luke and Debby, both übergeeks, and a lot of fun. They accidentally walked into the enemy camp - KoC is full of BayCon people, and they attend its mortal enemy, Fanime.

No, really. The people at the top of both conventions have had a long, bitter, and ultimately silly feud, one of the results of which is that the conventions happen on the same weekend.

Queue Shatner quote.

So, in the end, a fairly slow night, but a very fun one. I closed off the 12th rotation at about 1:42am, because there just barely wasn't enough time for another one - and I was tired. The bar made almost enough money to justify being open.

Fortunately I did well in tips.

Timmie and I had everything closed down by something like 2:15am, and then he, I, Cindi, and Tobi headed off to order unhealthy food from April.

Much fun later, I headed home, and slept. I've had the usual minor interruptions here and there, but on the whole, I'm pretty rested. Now it's just a matter of dealing with my usual avoidance behavior.

The program's fully installed and updated now. Dammit.

I haven't heard back from Purple, so I don't know if I'll be doing Mariner's point or not. I will be doing sound at Sarah & Paul's wedding, however.
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