April 1st, 2009


Little Bits

After posting last night I finally got myself in gear and headed to TD's, and hung out with chargerboy, timenchanter, and tychobrahe. Much fun and off-key singing was had.

Boy was I off.

Then myself, Timmie, Gabe, and Ryan (a guy Timmie was hitting on) headed over to the Mini for some late-night sustenance and hanging out. We apparently quite entertained Cheryl.

Then home, where I fiddled around until 5:30am, slept for two hours, then got myself back up and dressed in time to get the rent paid.

Then back to bed for most of the day.

tankgirl dropped by around 3:30pm, which was wonderful - haven't seen her in weeks. She's going to be bumming a ride with Timmie and Patrick up to Julie's tonight.

Plus it's the day for kshandra to visit.

I dunno how profitable the night's gonna be, but I expect to have a damn good time.

Meanwhile, I continue to get emails from people who express a huge amount of interest in one or more of the items I have up for sale on Craigslist, talk about buying them, then suddenly evaporate...
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