March 30th, 2009



Yesterday afternoon was relatively unproductive. OK, pretty much totally unproductive. I eventually got clean, eventually got some food, and wandered through Fry's as a cheap form of entertainment.

It's cheap when you can't afford to buy anything.

I got to the bar early, but Paula and her cleaning crew had already left. Walked around the block, unloaded the car, and waited for timenchanter to arrive - which turned out to be 7:30pm. It was a beautiful day, so I didn't mind too much.

I was set up late, but it didn't really matter. I was ready by the time I got my first song request.

Pleasant little night. Sucked for income, but pleasant. Wayne and Jorgie were again there all night, but this time Jorgie was well-behaved. Not a single whistle all night, and the number of interjected "fucks" and "bitches" in his songs was near zero. Hell, he actually followed the lyrics most of the time.

'Twas odd.

A little bit of sparkle_journal and jackal_logic, showing their friend Matt around. Some moahb. A bit of trivialt. A few hours of qzar_mystik - just enough for his voice to completely fail.

And quite a bit of supersniffles (sporting her new haircut) and kizmet100.

Maggie and foxypinkninja brought in a cake to celebrate Elly's birthday. A very, very yummy cake.

I managed to resist having a second piece.

And Claire. Claire's been in before, and continues to be a huge amount of fun. Unfortunately, she only did two songs before taking off. I'm pretty sure the other girl over in the dark corner was Whitney, but she didn't put a song in, I couldn't see her very well, and I've only seen them one other time anyway.

And that's it. I went 13 rounds before closing at 1:55am, and then went off and spent a large fraction of my income at Denny's.

Making target for the weekend would require that tonight be considerably busier than last Thursday. Which would be nice - I'd have enough money to pay my portion of rent in that case.

Especially since this Tuesday has been canceled again. I can't blame him given the reason, but the timing sucketh.

So please, come in tonight, drink heavily, tip the KJ. Both Timmie and I would like to continue to have housing.

From Denny's to home, and collapse. I've been pretty much a lump since then.

I did check the mail, which included a check from the state treasurer. Which, on examination, belonged in the mailbox across the driveway. Sigh.

I keep hoping against hope that maybe someone will actually, y'know, buy something that I have advertised on Craigslist, or that I'll miraculously have won my traffic ticket, and they'll send me a check.

That last is a vain hope in two directions. Even if I've won (by the expedient of the paperwork being more than the officer wanted to do), they won't get around to cutting the check until the end of next month.

Well hey, I've got a free day tomorrow. Maybe I should try panhandling...
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