March 24th, 2009

Triskell Knot

Gold Brick Wrapped with a Lemon Slice

Last night's show was a different flavor. A nicely different flavor. Though some of that may have been due to the two Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters I had.

For one thing, swanhart and Bekki were there all night, which is 15 flavors of cool (or at least 10 and 9 songs of cool, respectively). But we also had Richard T, who was showing a good time to Ariel and Julie, in the bay for the GDC. Ariel and Julie were both much, much fun, even if I cringed when Julie put her name up as Julz.

I gather they were also the reason that onyx101 and genuine_snark showed up. Or vice-versa. Either way, I got to see Joyce and Geo.

I suspect, as well, that jackal_logic showing up had a connection to that whole gestalt. Also a very good thing.

Of course, most of that group faded around 11:00pm, because Julie and Ariel had to get back up to the City and prepare for another day of conference. But there's a chance I may be seeing them at Julie's tomorrow. Hell, if they're staying near the Moscone, I'm in walking distance.

But then, I've walked from Moscone to the Castro...

We also had a full night of h20crazyguy, a couple of songs from spawrhawk, and a nice little lucydogstringer/supersniffles nightcap.

Not to mention a few singles. Carol, as is becoming her habit, came in, sang one song, and left. A guy named Anderson pored over the book for an hour or so, then did one song. And then there was Rachel.

Rachel, for one thing, is smoking hot. She's apparently taking a vocal class, and was practicing for her final, which was, if I remember properly, The Wizard and I. It was off her own background disc, so I don't have the number. She was unable to do parts of it because of a cold, but the rest was wonderful.

And those were the players. We had a near crowd going until just after 11:00pm, which then settled into a nice little half-hour rotation - 3 rotations before 11:00pm, and 7 afterwards. The bar did nicely, if not wonderfully - the weekend total was 15% off target. Nothing to cry about.

As Cindi's pointed out, she got an extra song at the end of the night (around 2:05am), because the last song I gave her Lesley Gore's It's My Party, and she was talking about the follow-on song (Judy's Turn to Cry), which I loaded and played while she was still asking me if I had it. Nice double-take when the first line started.

Then the usual shutdown stuff, after which Timmie, James, and I went off to visit April. We all took advantage of the new half-order stuff. Cheaper and a better size - Denny's is really getting with the whole recession thing.

James and Timmie took off, and I headed home, and did the usual catch up on LJ/sleep thing. Today has mostly been spent dozing, though I spent some time convincing Dev not to cancel tonight. Which looks to have been a good idea - at this point, he's got a nice response.

And I seriously need to get myself clean and over there. I should start setup around 5:30pm.
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