March 17th, 2009

Elder Sign

Ease Down

Yesterday was just a tad less frenetic than Sunday.

I got out of the house by something like 4:00pm, dropped some cash off at the bank, bought new screws for the dolly board (again - this time an actually correct type and length), had some food at Chevy's, and came home to settle in mit ze woodworking stuff.

All the wheels have been repositioned, and are about as solidly attached as possible. It should last longer than last time, and last time was over a year. We'll see.

Then off to the bar, getting there pretty much on time. Not that it made a huge amount of difference.

Last night was, to say the least, slow. Well, more like glacial. moahb wandered in around, I think, 8:30pm, and I started the singing. And not too long after that electrichobbit and jorgitoelcubano, followed by meganc86.

So the company was excellent. Since Jorge and Mark weren't singing, the rotation was more minuscule than short. And it stayed that way. There were 24 rotations last night before I closed at 1:50am, of which 13 were 3 people long, 10 were 4 people long, and 1 was an incredible 5 people.

That was from Carol walking in and singing a single song at about 12:30am, in supersniffles's first rotation.

To break it down another way (because I can), I sang 24 times (including 9 suicides from lucydogstringer. I did my best to keep him apprised of my opinion ("You bastard!")), timenchanter sang 24 times (How did we both have voices left?), Noah sang 7 times, Megan sang 16 times, Kim sang 5 times, Cindi sang 7 times, and Carol the once.

The funny thing being that income wasn't exactly the worst we've seen. It was low for a Monday, but the Sunday-Monday total was still 17% over target. So hey, whatever. And the company really was excellent - what little I could experience. It really is more work when there are fewer singers.

Shutdown went rapidly (there wasn't exactly a lot to file), and Timmie took off with another one of his boys, so I went and communed with April on my own.

And then home, and sleep. I left the car loaded because I was feeling lazy just in case.

There are many things I should be doing today, not the least of which is finally getting around to putting some stuff up for sale. I've only been putting it off for two years.

Apart from needing money, the logic goes sorta like this: I really should get the last of my shit out of KoC, which apart from a few supplies (which I could easily do without), consists of my old case, and some minor equipment in that case. I'm still using the old case, but only as a table.

There's a QuikLok stand I'm certain I could use to hold the rack in that space - and I could put the monitor and keyboard on the other side. But that costs money I don't exactly have (and tend to spend on discs when I do). But if I sell off some equipment, and spend it on that, then I can sell off the old case, too...

So far there's been an attempt to contact Starving Musician about selling the stuff, so I didn't have to worry about shipping&packing through eBay. I never got a response. So it's time to look into packing and shipping costs.


Not to mention the fact that I'm at least a month late putting up my parents' loom on Craigslist, and I need to do more for my dad's book, and, well, stuff. Yeah.

If I were working today, I'd have less I had to do, dammit.

As sort of an advance comment: Once I get that stand, which hopefully will happen in the next month or so, I'm going to want a skirt for it. There's stuff available for a reasonable price, but it seems that since I know so many seamstresses, it might be more reasonable to ask around for something that was a better fit for what I need, which is basically some easily-cleaned black opaque(ish) material, roughly 30" high and 60" long, hemmed (of course), and hopefully stiff enough at the top that it can clip to 4 (fairly evenly spaced) spots at the top without sagging excessively. I'm still debating attachment methods, though likely the skirt itself would simply need to have grommets.

So if anyone's interested, get me a rough quote.
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