March 15th, 2009

Triskell Knot

Suppression Proceeding Nicely

Not too long after my last post, kshandra got in touch with me, and wanted to take me out for pie (for the obvious reasons), and something about feeding me steak.

That was 4:00pm. I mentioned I had to wait for the laundry to dry, and that I was reconciling my finances.

What I didn't realize at the time was that I hadn't reconciled my checking account since August of 2007.

No wonder it was a little off.

With that, figuring out how much cash I actually have, syncs and backups, forgetting stuff as I left the house, and fighting with Arco for gas, I didn't pick her up until nearly 7:30pm. That's almost a record for me.

Shoulda worn the "flake" shirt.

Still, we had a very pleasant time at Marie Callender's, where she didn't kill me, despite my obviously deserving it.

We finished a little after 9:00pm, and she wasn't feeling in a party mood, so I dropped her off at home, then proceeded to the Tower, with a side-trip to acquire more Jägermeister, since their supply was running dry.

I noticed that I was acting quite distracted through that little shopping trip. Much as if some walled-off part of me was busy obsessing over something. Whatever that might be.

Then the Tower. An awesome little party. jackal_logic and sparkle_journal, of course, but also Max, Alex and Tara, Veronica, justnate (the last two normally in different ends of the apartment), timenchanter, Stein and, um, I think her name is Christy?, genuine_snark and onyx101, and everyone's friend Peter, who's apparently been lurking in the background for years. Peter and Timmie were hitting it off quite well. And Amy. Can't forget Aim Dekill.

I think that covers everyone.

Many great conversations, and a fantastic time.

I left around something like 3:00am, as things wound down, and came home, where I put away laundry, made the bed, and investigated free frequencies for the mics (frequency assignments changed recently). It looks like there're some free slots I should change to - if only because it would improve range. I think I'm supposed to, anyway. The descriptions have been a little vague.

I got to bed around 6:00am, and enjoyed the clean sheets until 2:00pm. And now I'm sorta up. I may play with the frequency assignments, and then I need to empty the trunk of my car, refile stuff, hopefully recover a few things, and repair my dolly board. Bowl of cherries, life is.
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