March 13th, 2009


An Evening of KoC

I ended up late to the bar last night (big surprise, right?). I'd packed up everything, driven off, and grabbed some Carl's when I realized that in fact I hadn't packed up everything - the SD card with the new songs on it was still in my desktop.

So I drove back home, discovered that Windows claimed the card was still in use, and ended up shutting it down just to shut it up.

And for some reason, Windows on my desktop just does not want to shut down easily.

So anyway, I got to the bar around 8:00pm, and started setting up as fast as I could - which is probably why I ended up dropping the dolly board on my big toe. It's a pretty purple color.

Fortunately for me, I didn't get my first customer song until something like 8:45pm, and I got everything started by 9:00pm. I was pretty flustered at first (lots of minor timing mistakes), but I settled in before too long, and in a surprising twist, I believe every song I played all night was actually the requested one. I did get some refused suicide songs, but that's to be expected.

Very, very busy night, most of which was the second rotation. In the end there were five, and I finished off that one at about 2:10am. It might have been earlier, but a very drunk Shawn wanted to play announcer, and was not exactly... rapid.

So, again, no total listing. But we had the Alex group, sparkle_journal and jackal_logic, Denise, Elana, Dave, their friend Magali, kizmet100, "bouncy" Sarah (and her group), dionuse and Cassie (who ran my tip jar around very successfully), spawrhawk and Dominic, supersniffles, Lizz, Eddie and Shawn, lucydogstringer, swanhart, trivialt, Scott and Milton, and many, many more.

A very fun, high-energy night. I would assume quite profitable as well, though I didn't ask.

Trankie even came in, though just in the Wayne flavor. foxypinkninja found it interesting that she doesn't find Wayne frightening.

Shutdown took forever, not the least because of the filing task, but also because timenchanter was frequently distracted from his side of things by a boy.

Which is why I ended up at April's alone, which is fine - I caught up on LJ. Then home.

On the saga of AH-2011 (well, sagette, more like), the main rig had no problem whatsoever reading the 16th track. On the other hand, the track turns out to be a multiplex one (sample vocal on the right-hand track). I've debated what to do with the thing, and in the end I'm just going to ignore that the track exists. As I said before, it's a duplicate anyway.

But I did go through and verify that tracks 1 through 15 weren't multiplexed.

Anyway, gotta get up for the day. I need to mail a contract off to UCSC, put some money in the bank, and reunite Timmie with his car. Not to mention head up to the Dome.
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