February 25th, 2009

Triskell Knot

In Which More Singing Happens

I gave timenchanter a ride to the bar Monday, so I was there early, meaning I was ready to go by 8:00pm. I just didn't have any singers.

A couple (Ray and Sarah) walked in, and perused the book, but didn't seem interested in more than that. Meanwhile, I was trying to scan in the now three discs (One due Tuesday arrived just as we were leaving the Duplex), but this particular time XP decided that it couldn't have that many programs running without having the sound hiccup.

It's rather unpredictable about that. Microsoft is a continual source of entertainment.

Around 9:00pm, megnc86 walked in (Hi Megan!), and gave me some songs, which got the other two to do so as well. So we got started. qzar_mystik, kizmet100, and snafflekid walked in shortly thereafter, so the first rotation was 9 long, including Tony, a guy who was sorta lurking near the door.

The evening was rounded out by h20crazyguy and (much later) supersniffles. The only other singer (of sorts) was Jorgie, who hobbled in on a crutch, was harder to understand that usual, asked if he could sing in 15 minutes, wandered out into the night, and never came back.

So, not exactly a crowd, but a very nice group of people. Sarah and Ray were a hell of a lot of fun, if over-apologetic about their singing ability. Granted, Sarah was singing after Timmie and Megan...

It was slow enough that we managed, once again, to come in below target this week. By less that 1%. I can deal. Since people faded early, I managed to fit 12 rotations into the evening, which was cool for everyone except, perhaps, for Timmie's voice, which was kinda rough that night.

Besides, it's not too many shows where I get to pleasure two women simultaneously. Granted, that's because I was massaging both Megan and Maggie at the same time.

Gods I'm pathetic.

A visit to April with Timmie and James, and then home, where I unloaded, since I didn't have a Tuesday show this week.

About 5 hours' sleep, and then I started incorporating the new discs. After which I started playing with the system.

One of my CD drives has been opening and closing at random. I noticed it doing it once during the boot sequence, so I figured it wasn't anything trojan-like, so I hosed it down with canned air, in case the problem was dust in the button (didn't help), and then opened and closed it through the OS (that did). Just in case, I reflashed both drives with the latest firmware, then did other general system maintenance shtuff until about 5:00pm.

The right-side speaker at the bar hasn't been working again, and I suspect it's still the connections in the dead speaker, so I ran through audio places until I found a female to female ¼" connector to bypass it.

Then I tried to drop by IHOP for the whole free pancake thing, but it was too busy. So I went to Wendy's instead, which I do periodically, just to verify that yep, their food's pretty crappy.

Then I dropped by the tower for Nerd night, where I dozed while sparkle_journal, jackal_logic, Timmie, Max, and Alex played Crack the Gathering or some variant.

I was considering doing the logical thing, and going home to bed, but halfway there I got my second wind, turned around, and dropped by the Zen Lounge for Dev and DJ Purple's Mardi Gras party. Not exactly a huge attendance, which might explain why Dev looked so sour when he left the place...

But I knew several of the people there (like Judy), and so I hung out and sang until Steve gave up, around 1:30am. I think a guy hit on me, which would fit with my usual luck.

Some supper at IHOP, then home, and sleep. Again, about 5 hours. It's getting to be a rather annoying habit.

But the Trial by Declaration paperwork is done (I just have to decide if I'm mailing it or dropping it off), and I have clean pants in the dryer (I wore my last clean pair last night). I just need to climb back in bed for a bit, especially considering I have a party tomorrow afternoon, on top of the Thursday show.

Good night!
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