February 20th, 2009

Sri Yantra


Yesterday was, on the whole, pretty frikkin' awesome.

tankgirl has some money, and is busy doing payback to the people that have helped her. So she took me out for a nice lunch at P.F. Chang's, and then we went for a walk around the Great Mall - culminating in her buying me a new jacket.

I have fresh leather! Mwuahahahahaaaaaa!

We also dropped in to Ku Day Ta, and had some tea. A fascinating little calm space in the middle of the mall. Good tea, too. And no armed insurrections that I could detect...

She was planning to also make it to the show last night, but obviously other priorities intervened.

Ah well.

I got there a bit late, with the result that I didn't start until 8:50pm. I'm feeling kinda guilty about that.

To call it a busy night would be a bit of an understatement. I haven't had a 3-rotation night in possibly years. Quite a few people were out for timenchanter's birthday, a number more for Stacey being in town, and it appeared yet more "just because."

There were somewhere over 40 singers, but just off the top of my head, in no particular order: There was sparkle_journal, kshandra, twitchet, cybrenn, foxypinkninja (she didn't sing, but she spent a good part of the evening in the booth), Stacey, Miki, June, Heather Star, justnate, tlsthatsme (still a good kisser), trivialt, Mikey H, spawrhawk, jasonmagick, hollyk, chaoswolf, Rachel (she's been there before - attractive, I think Japanese background girl, apparently a friend of Nate's. Timmie kept on encouraging us to talk, which was frankly very cool...), qzar_mystik, dionuse, Scott & Milton, Alex, Bill, Richard, the little Sarah posse, genuine_snark & onyx101, and supersniffles. That covers a bit of it...

It was the first time in a while that I regularly had trouble getting songs queued up because people kept interrupting me - I occasionally had to just be rude. A couple of times, the booth had several people in it, and I had to sort of squeeze in.

It's a damn shame that I get paid a fixed amount on Thursdays. At least, for last night...

But several people attempted to make up for that in tips.

I ended up getting three singers up out of order, so they could sing their last song - apparently without too much crowd objection. And from the technical side, I think I played the wrong song twice, but at least caught each of them when they came up, rather than finding out when the singer knocked on the door to the booth...

I was going to finish off the last rotation - it would have run us to about 2:20pm - but Timmie wasn't exactly having a great time right then. He'd had Stephanie bartend for the night, so he could drink, but then Paula flaked on him and left him stuck with shutting the place down.

He was not happy. Something about doing an hour of work for no pay. So the last few people of the third rotation didn't make it in (sorry!), and then several of us got to listen to a fairly long rendition of "But I'm not even supposed to be behind the bar today!"

I actually managed to refrain from calling him Dante. Proud of myself, I am.

Of course, I was kinda busy, too. Things had been too hectic to allow any time for advance filing, so I got to refile the night's song slips in one big block - one big half-hour block - followed by the usual teardown.

All of this made more frantic by the fact that people had already headed to the Mini for the after-party.

I think it was 3:30am by the time I got there, and the Timmie/Nate-o group was about 10 minutes behind me. Quite frankly, my memories of that are kind of fuzzy, though I certainly remember having my arms around Tobi on one side, and Chaos on the other at a couple of points.

Then home, where I crashed the fuck out.

I woke up again around 11:00am, caught up with some of the happenings on the web, and started this post.

Now I just need to confront my first "weekend" day - quite a number of things need to be done, the foremost being writing up my trial by declaration paperwork, though "more sleep" is a close second. And I'm seriously considering going to Mikey's dance thing tonight.

Food sounds good, too, though that requires getting dressed...
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Oh Well

I got some more sleep this afternoon, tried to find someone interested in joining me at spawrhawk's show, failed miserably, had some dinner at Chevy's, got down to SJSU, found some free parking, accidentally walked almost straight to the correct building, and almost straight to the ticket area (I walked up the wrong flight of steps to where dancers, including Dominic, were warming up).

And found myself in a standby line. The show was sold out.

Said hi to Joe C, then took my place with a bunch of frantic students - attending this is a course requirement for several of them.

Dunno if it's a course in dance or planning ahead...

In any case, I didn't make it.

I may try again tomorrow, assuming I can be up and dressed by 2:30pm.

Now I just need to figure out what to do with my evening...
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