February 1st, 2009



Many little things. I tried to stay up for all of Saturday, in an effort to push my sleep schedule forward to a more sane position. It may or may not have worked - I'm pretty tired, but I've also had a fair amount of recent Earl Grey. Rather than sleep at a more reasonable time, I may just get a sleep dep/caffeine headache.

Somewhere around 7:00am I got a chocolate craving (I sometimes think I'm in a constant state of PMS), and decided to wait until 9:00am, and get decent stuff from Trader Joe's. Which I did. A lot of decent stuff. Most of which has now been eaten.

One of the reasons I go out to eat is that if I have food at home, I will eat it. At a disturbingly rapid pace.

Speaking of which, time for another handful of honey-roasted peanuts.

I finally got the Kindle work done for my dad, which brought me to noon, and exhaustion. So I decided to lay down for a two-hour nap, and set my usual max-volume wake-the-dead alarm up for 2:00pm.

Around 3:00pm, I woke up, and started fighting my way out of bed.

I made it to the 'rents at about 5:00pm. Not too bad, actually. Besides, as I'd pointed out to them on Tuesday, it really doesn't matter if the sun is up when you're working on a toilet in a windowless room in the middle of the dome. I'm not totally sure my dad believes that, but he couldn't find a decent argument against it.

In any case, everything went as well as a toilet exchange could. It certainly seems as if everything's sealed properly, and water isn't noticeable dripping from anywhere. I'm more than a little surprised, actually.

Then a slightly late dinner of artichokes and tuna casserole, then down the hill around 10:40pm, and off to hang out with Veronica at the Duke of Edinburgh.

Many stories, cups of Earl Grey, and terrible jokes later, I headed home (it was closing time). I'm all caught up on LJ, and now I'm about to try that "bed" thing.

I've had some slightly strange back-and-forth with Dev, where he questioned whether starting this Tuesday was a good idea. Given it was an idea he came up with, I don't really know what to say.

He was supposed to get back to me with a final decision around 6:00pm yesterday. Still haven't heard back.

My parents have an old picture of me and raven2000 on their bookcase. It's melt-your-heart cute...
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