January 30th, 2009



Speaker problem at the bar dealt with? Check.

Eye pressure test at doctors? Check.

New batteries for red mic? Check.

New dry-erase markers? No check, but not urgent.

OK, it's almost friggin' noon, I've done most of what I needed to do, and I'm going to bed, hopefully to sleep.

All relationship drama, job drama, and family drama, including sudden unexpected deaths of close family members can wait until I've slept.

Are we clear?
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Last night was pretty amazing - especially after a full day of not-quite-sleeping-but-not-awake-enough-to-do-anything.

I was about 20 minutes late starting setup, and then further delayed by the stage right speaker not working (I ended up just compensating by upping the volume on the front door speaker). But qzar_mystik covered for me quite well, since I arrived in the middle of Repo, which I let run until it finished, around 8:45pm. In the meantime, I worked like hell setting up.

And on to an incredibly busy night. Part of it was the crowd there to see sylvan, which included kshandra and an early supersniffles. Part of it was the Alex group, which seems to be slowly growing. And part of it was just, well, people.

On the unusual side, we had genuine_snark and onyx101, and a full night of jackal_logic sans sparkle_journal (she's apparently out of town). And just a whole buncha people. I was able to fit in 6 rotations before ending at about 2:10am.

At which point I was mildly drunk. I'd been partaking of Jack&Cokes all night, but mostly at my usual slowish pace. But at the end, (annoying) Bob appeared out of nowhere, and bought me one as a tip.

OK, shutdown was going to take a while anyway. I'd be fine.

Then he bought me another one so he could get up to sing faster. And it was just sitting there, looking drinkable. At 1:50am. Which meant I was absolutely forced to down it.

Have I mentioned that Jack seems to have a longer-lasting effect on me than just about anything?

I was stumbling through tearing down when Sylvan suggested that timenchanter and I get driven to Denny's, hang out with the group, then finish closing up later. Which seemed like an excellent idea.

So Timmie and I were given a ride by maiandra, and much fun was had with her, Megs, Cindi, Sylvan, and this adorable little couple, Nick&Nelson. They sang a couple of times at the end of the night, and were actually pretty good, though I doubt they'd agree.

Definite self-esteem issues, those two. They'll fit in quite well.

Kimmi just had to mention to April how much I talk about her here, resulting in the first time I've ever seen the woman blush. 'Twas cute, though I wonder how guarded she's going to be talking to me in the future.

I think it was about 4:00am when Timmie and I got back to the bar, at which time I started in on the speaker problem. I may not be hugely fond of Jose, but the bar makes most of its money on Friday and Saturday nights. It would best if the sound system worked.

After quite a few gyrations, and a lot of crawling through dust, it turned out to just be some accumulated corrosion in the connection through the non-functional gray speaker on that side. Right at the moment, that speaker's basically a pass-through, and apparently not doing too well at that.

By 6:00am, everything was hung back up and producing sound.

Then home, unloading, and a realization that if I was going to drop by the doctor's office, as I had been supposed to on Thursday, I was going to have to stay up for it. So I did that, though there was some napping in my chair.

Then down to the Santa Teresa Kaiser, where I had my right eye pressure-tested (It seems like it's doing better with the drops, but I'll be hearing from the doctor later).

On the way home, it occurred to me that I needed a couple of items from Fry's, so I dragged myself there.

Then home, where I set aside my portion of the rent, and slept.

I'm now officially poor until Sunday. Fortunately tips were really good last night (and included one extremely sweet note), so I'm not doing terribly. But wine, women, and song will have to wait.

Speaking of money, apparently the response to Dev's karaoke project has been huge, so we're going to start this coming Tuesday, instead of the 10th. I'll give details once I get everything nailed down with him - and get the go-ahead to advertise on my own.

Right now, I'm goin' back to bed.
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