January 13th, 2009



I managed to get out of the house, drop off my withdrawal letter, get some shopping done (I didn't realize before that there was a Costco almost right next to the Lundy post office. Google maps scores again!), get back home, grab timenchanter, get needed relevant supplies at Guitar Center, and get to the bar by 6:20pm.

Unfortunately, I'd wanted to be there by 5:00pm.

But I started in on trying to get the new amp installed. How hard could it be?

All I had to do was disconnect the old ones, solder ¼" plugs onto the speaker wires, mount the new one on the rails already present, and voilà! New amp.

Even with foxypinkninja helping me with both some of the soldering and the mounting, I didn't get the show started until 9:15pm. Now, if we'd had the "crowd" that was present (or not) on Sunday, this wouldn't have been so bad.

But we were actually busy. Some of it with new people (Katita, Patty, and Steph), that now think I'm even flakier than I actually am. Or at least normally am.

But unfortunately, this wasn't something we could stop in the middle. The connections that were soldered were no longer good for the old amps, and the new one needed to be mounted to have decent air circulation.

And the rather gigantic wire I used for wiring up the sub is too damn conductive for the underpowered soldering iron I keep at the bar. I should have known that - soldering the plug on the other end was a nightmare, too.

Plus, for some mysterious reason, the mounting holes on the amp simply would not line up with a complete set of holes on the rails. I have no idea what the hell was going on. In the end, we simply attached the bottom set of screws, and let the weight of the amp keep the top aligned. It's far better than nothing.

The really odd thing is that once I fired it up, it worked. Even sounded nice - much better than the old ones.

But still, I didn't get started until 9-freakin'-15. It was embarrassing.

Busy night. I closed at 1:50am, at the end of the 8th rotation, but we only made the last three rotations because most everyone went home around midnight. And, even with the near-nonexistent income from Sunday, the total for the weekend ended up just 22% down from target. Not good, but far from terrible.

rue_gingertabby came out with drewkitty, synkitty was there for a while, the local harem crowd (firestrike, kshandra, maiandra, and supersniffles) was there for most of the night, Megan came back out sans allison (I was hoping!), Kim and Cheri both sang (in fact, Cheri sang for 7 of the 8 rotations), we had some moahb, and we had a short but quite welcome visit by Bennie.

Then there was the British group: Emma, Jennifer, their friend who didn't sing, and Banks. Banks is quite obviously not British, and was a tad too stereotypically American male for comfort, but Emma obviously thought he was quite adorable - and kept on putting in odd songs for him to sing.

To his credit, he tried - and didn't fail too badly.

The girls in that group had a grand time dancing to most of the songs. Much with the cuteness.

Shutdown took quite a while, mostly because of dealing with Paula - she had (quite reasonable) issues that needed to be dealt with, and it simply took time.

Then I took Beckah home, and stopped by the Mini for food.

And now I'm home, caught up with the web, and pretty much ready to go to sleep. I need to do something productive when I get up, but I'm not quite sure what that's gonna be, yet. Well, what I'm gonna try to make it be...
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And Today We Have...

Given my financial situation, I'll be scaling back a bit on the purchases. Or at least trying to.

But justnate gave me money for this one.

Please welcome CLEG-103 to the family. It rounds out both the Hall&Oates and Loggins&Messina offerings quite nicely.

All the usual stuff - the songs page is up to date, and there will be new update sheets available. Some older stuff has dropped off, so the update sheet page count has dropped back down to a measly 15 pages.

The track count is now at 14,151, and the unique song count is up to 10,444.

And that, I think, will be my productivity for today. I'm-a goin' back to bed.
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Triskell Knot

Not Quite a Disaster...

We just narrowly averted needing a new teapot.

I'm drinking a lot of tea right now (mostly the cinnamon stuff synkitty gave me. Not bad stuff at all).

Sunday night, while trying various songs that I don't normally do, I put out a remarkably decent rendition of Without Me, marred only by two large coughing fits. timenchanter said something like "You're not getting sick, are you?"

I'd just gotten over a disease! I wasn't getting sick again! It is to laugh! Hee Hee Hahahahahaha cough sputter snort cough cough hack... hack... ermmmm...

So yeah, I'm drinking a lot of tea right now.

My habit in the past has been to just fill a mug with water, and microwave it until just past the boiling point (3:30 on our microwave). It's fast, convenient, and gives out a chiming sound when it's done.

Unfortunately, if Timmie is running both his computer and his space heater, it also blows a breaker. Why my room doesn't do that more often, I dunno, but when it does I have three separate UPSes for the various pieces of powered equipment. It's mostly a question of dealing with the chorus of beeps until I get outside and flip the breaker back.

So, in the interests of domestic tranquility, I've been boiling tea in the teapot. I'm actually not sure which is more efficient (gas vs electricity, direct conduction vs microwaves, and largish mass of water vs one mugful. The odds are heavily on the side of the teapot, though the water mass question is a valid one), but one thing is certain: Our teapot doesn't whistle.

Which means one has to remember to go check on it.

I'm easily distracted.

I just remembered - barely - that I'd put a pot on after reading a full set of comic archives. Fortunately, there was still water in the pot. Half a mug's worth, as a matter of fact. So I had to boil yet more water.

If the comic had been much longer, we'd be shopping for a new teapot.

One that whistles.
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