January 12th, 2009

Dragon K

Full Moon

Saturday afternoon, I managed to get one more of the discs entered, then had more of the accumulated lack of sleep hit me - so I slept until something like 5:00pm.

Of course, I was supposed to be at synkitty's birthday party at 5:00pm...

When I got there at 6:30pm, it turned out I wasn't even the flakiest of the guests. Whew.

I mostly hung out with supersniffles and trivialt, while the rest sang along with Mamma Mia. It's an, um, interesting movie. I mean, who knew that Pierce Brosnan couldn't sing to save his life?

And that there were professional choreographers that bad?

Around about 8:15pm both Cindi and I took our leave - and I moved on to my second activity of the evening. raven2000 and I had been trying to arrange a date to get to Bootie for about a month and a half. For a change, we actually did.

And despite her forgetting her ID in the rush, we managed to get inside before Smash-Up Derby came on. Yet another good show. I would have been in the front with the guys (I at least said 'Hi" to cybrenn, Joe, moahb, and Mark J, and we ran into Michael and his entourage ("This is my girlfriend") at the bar), but it turns out that it's hard to jump up and down like a loon when you're holding a pint glass. Who knew?

We ended up watching most of the rest of the show from the gallery, then headed out about 1:00am, and walked over to Julie's. They didn't have an event for the night, so they were pretty much dead - which meant I didn't get to see Rachel. Apparently she was somewhere in the crowd at Bootie.

But we got to hang out with Cher for a while, and I showed she-who-must-not-be-named around the club.

Then we walked back down Folsom the other way to her cousin's place. Oddly, he wasn't home - something you just don't expect on a Saturday night in downtown SF.

All-in-all, quite a pleasant evening.

Sunday's main daytime accomplishment was finally finishing off the discs. I had a huge number of things planned for the afternoon, which were superseded by yet more sleep. Damn stuff's getting to be a habit.

In fact, I was an hour late to the show, which is not a good thing - large crowd or (as in this case) not. It was a pretty dead evening. Synthia and 1ferritgurl were there for an extension of the birthday party, with munchies, and Cindi spent the whole evening. Otherwise, we had qzar_mystik, Manny, and celticnoor for a large part of the evening, and then quite a bit of Jorgie at the end.

Income was pretty minimal.

Then timenchanter and I dropped by April's to eat our earnings, and then home, and eventually, more of that sleep thing.

Right now, I need to fill out a form in order to drain the last bit out of my IRA, and then I need to do some shopping, both for myself, and for the bar - the new amp is here, and it needs a few doodads.

The timing may be kind of tight, but it looks like I'll be able to handle the tax withdrawals and the traffic ticket. This month.

Rent I'm not so sure about. Especially if business continues this way...
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