December 22nd, 2008

Triskell Knot


Just not feelin' it. The last couple of days have had lots of good points - I got to hang out at the Hamptons with people I see far too rarely, I had some quite pleasant make-out sessions with tlsthatsme, and a very nice little show with princesskiti22 this last night.

On the other hand, for a large part of the Hamptons party, I felt like I had a sign that said "leper" on me. It really seemed like quite a few people would happily say hello - and then wander off. In the case of at least one person, it was definitely more "actively avoid" than "wander off."

Of the Collective, the only people that seemed to have any interest in talking to me were supersniffles and foxypinkninja. Otherwise, I got some nice conversations in with a few of Devon's friends, who apparently hadn't gotten the memo.

It seems I've angered the party gods, or something.

Then the very odd offhand accusation of being a "wolf," which I should probably take as a compliment, since it honestly seems the individual in question would likely have spent more (and rather more intimate) time with me if I actually were one.

It was just weird.

But again, goodness has definitely been experienced. And Cindi's Yorkshire gingerbread is amazing.

The show was quite nice. Not precisely hugely profitable, but then, it seems that a good part of the Collective may still be nursing a hangover.

And that's about all I feel like saying, though it's likely both too much and too little.
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Confidence Men

An observation, which has been percolating through my brain - and somewhat exacerbated by my present feeling of bitterness (maybe I'm PMSing, I dunno...).

As I spend my time observing that alien ritual which is standard human mating behavior, one of the major attractants for many women appears to be "confidence."

I'm beginning to suspect this is wired in - and I think is the sad result of the conflation of "competence" and "confidence." At least if one glances at the situation from a sociobiological viewpoint, a competent mate is to be desired - and the shallow might imagine that confidence is a good indicator.

And, up to a fairly low level, it is. The individual that cowers from every little aspect of their life is not likely to do better under stress.

But no individual can actually handle everything life might throw at them. Those that act like they can come in two flavors: Those too stupid to realize what might come their way, and those that are simply fronting.

So, if, male or female, extreme competence is a turn-on? You might want to make a conscious decision as to which of the two you'd generally prefer: Honest-but-dumb, or Smart-but-dishonest. Not that those are the only two possibilities, but they're the best you're gonna get.
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