November 30th, 2008



The new book design is finished. I'd be happier if I'd had time to, y'know, print any of them, but for those of you fascinated by my latest obsession (Hello? Anyone? Is there anybody out there?), the latest book is on the songs page.

The online lookup has been modified as well. Originally, I had it display in the same manner as the book - in other words, if a track was both from a show, and had a specific singer, it would display once for each. This is convenient for large search results, but a pain in the ass for small ones (a search for "Buffy" would come back with a page of 10 entries showing all 5 songs), so it now displays each song only once, sorted by show first. If one is searching by artist, this can be a bit disconcerting (Michael Jackson's "Ben" and "Will You Be There) are the first entries in a search for Michael Jackson, right before "Bad"), but life is simply not perfect.

And, to add to the general sense of excitement, I just incorporated 7 new discs. It would have been 8, but it turned out that was a reprint of a Sound Images disc, and I have one too many of those as it is.

So, first of all there are the 6 Backstage discs: BS-8217, BS-8317, BS-9317, BS-9617, BS-9817, and BS-9917. They actually each contain a lot of repeats of songs already in the book, and aren't of particularly good quality. But they were $2 apiece.

And then there's PHM-8601V, which is of quite decent quality, and contains a couple of requested songs.

The number of tracks is now at 13,766, and the unique song count is 10,217. For those of you paying attention (me), the unique count is now lower than it was the last time I incorporated discs. This is because I've done a lot of cleanup in the last week, with the result that 109 songs formerly considered "unique" are now not.

Anyway, I've gotta get cleaned up, staple the update sheets, and get to the bar.
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