November 29th, 2008


Family and Other Headaches

I woke up Saturday around 2:00pm, and got out the door around, I believe, 4:00pm. timenchanter was supposed to head up to the Dome with me, but wasn't feeling well, and so was concerned about infecting my parents.

It may have worked out for the best. There was barely room at the table for the 10 people we had. The Indian contingent was indeed there, which meant that Jhumi did indeed bring samosas. And I now know where she gets them, too - Raj Palace, which from the description is a good place to get a few particular items.

The somewhat embarrassing part for me was the fact that, what with being immersed in the database stuff, and work, I hadn't really paid much attention to the terrorist attack in Mumbai. Strangely enough, the people with relatives and friends there have been following it pretty closely.

The relatives are OK. No-one's heard from the friends since the attack started...

We also had Carol (family friend), as well as Beth and Vee, though the latter two had to show up rather late, since Vee had to close down his shop. They brought a dessert wine that was pretty good (EOS, I think? Some winery from Paso Robles). Somewhat reminded me of port, and I like me some port.

We mostly got to hear Shruti talk, because that's what happens when she's in the room. She does love to hear the sound of her voice. But then, she at least has things to say.

And she did quiet down for the hour or so she was sitting with her laptop, working on her honors thesis.

An excellent dinner, of which I partook far too much, and all-in-all a wonderful time.

That is, apart from the increasing nausea, headache, and cold sweats. I figured I might be coming down with whatever Timmie has, but in retrospect (at least mostly retrospect - I'm not exactly feeling great), I was developing a migraine. All I knew by the time everybody left was that I had to get home, and that I wasn't too sure I'd make it.

I made it. I didn't even throw up when I got here. Woo!

And after crawling into bed and passing out for 4 hours, I feel much better. I tried going back to sleep for another hour or so, but finally gave up - especially after I figured I could actually sit up and look at a monitor without undue pain.

So hey, no-one died, and at least most of the pain and nausea happened after most of the party was over. All-in-all, a successful evening.

Now I either need to get back to sleep, or do a few final database touches before starting on the whole book printing process. Like, I dunno, incorporating the 8 new discs that arrived yesterday...
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Minor Thought

Why did it never occur to me before that the Phoenix story is just another simplified sun-moon allegory, stretched out in time?
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Elder Sign


It is not conducive to proper concentration to have the back of your chair break off while you're sitting in it. Just as a PSA.

Especially when your little toe whaps into your baseboard as a result. Happened over an hour ago, and the sucker still hurts.

I've never broken a bone in my life - I'd hate to start now.

At least it's mostly ignorable. I'm having more trouble sitting in my chair with the back semi-detached.

Time to give up, get up, and go out to find screws, I guess.
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My beloved chair is back, and more solid than ever. The original bolts were pretty flimsy - they looked nice and solid, but were hex-head bolts with a thin head, which meant the hole for the hex wrench took up almost all of the attachment area between the bolt and the head.

Now if I could only find the right bolt size for my little toe, I'd be set...

Also fed, at ye olde CPK. Gorged again am I.

Now off to set up many nested REPLACE() functions in MySQL, because function definitions don't exist in MySQL 4. Woo-hoo!
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