November 20th, 2008


Things Happen

I was my usual delayed self this afternoon, so when I finally finished fighting through traffic (which was quite a bit worse than usual for some reason), it was almost 7:30pm, and I had just enough time to set up.

I had been planning on having dinner at Julie's, but there just wasn't time.

Of course, then I had no singers until something like 9:45pm, but since I needed to be ready, I couldn't exactly settle down to eat in that time.

From about 10:00pm on, though, it got pretty busy. I only managed to do 6 rotations in the night, and didn't even finish off the 6th, which is too bad, since I had a couple of singers waiting who hadn't had a chance to sing.

We had around the same level of sales as two weeks ago. Given my main group was completely missing, not too bad.

Also, not a hard night on the eyes. A fair number of cute young things. Also odd, because Alexandra, with the mild British accent, seemed... familiar.

timenchanter dropped by later in the evening, wowed everyone with his singing, and then helped me tear down and load up the car. We then tried to go to the Bagdad Café, but it was closed, so we walked over to Sparky's instead.

Where I ran into Jules, who'd been one of my few singers on my first night at the bar. It's really funny how people get all apologetic about not coming in. Hopefully he will, though. Nice guy, and a good singer.

Then I managed to pull my usual "get all confused trying to get out of the City" bit, except this time, I did so in front of an officer. Of course, this wasn't the most major offense - I was surprised by a red light (the City's really good at doing that to me), and stopped with my front wheels a bit over the line. Then I decided that traffic was some distance away, so went ahead and made my right turn.

It's, um, possible I missed a "no turn on red" somewhere in there, of course...

The guy tailgated me for a few miles down the freeway, I assume hoping I'd go above the speed limit, and then turned on his lights and pulled me over.

I may see about fighting this one, especially since today is one friggin' week short of 18 months since my last violation. I'll probably check out that intersection next week, first.

Anyway, the sun's coming up, and I should climb into my coffin.
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