November 18th, 2008


Ask, and...

I left the Duplex around 6:00pm, had a dinner that took far too long at On The Border, and got to the bar at around 7:45pm - only to find a growing crowd of people that wanted to sing.

timenchanter had done a lot of basic setup, fortunately. Still, I was running around frantically, flipping switches, twiddling knobs, and typing in passwords, but I got the show rolling at just about 3 minutes past the hour.

Turns out these were people from the Stanford PCAP, out to sing and have a good time. They did quite a bit of both. A very nice group, with quite a range of singers. Clark is quite good, and has the feel of a former professional. Sara has a great voice, but is one of those that seems to be completely unaware of the fact. And the rest, while not always pro-quality, make up for it quite well in exuberance.

Quite a fun night. We also, of course, had a few regulars. Some trivialt, some kshandra, and a large dose of supersniffles. Also a few hours of Patrick, and quite a bit of Billy.

And a touch of lucydogstringer at the end.

We made target for the weekend, which is amazing - plus they had a good time, and may just be back next Monday. Time will tell - I've been promised a return visit many times before.

The PCAP group left at around 12;30pm, so the remaining people got a reasonably large number of songs. We had a total of 10 rotations for the evening before closing at 1:50am.

Timmie and I were finished and out of there by 2:30am, at which point we visited April, then came home. Now it's just a matter of figuring out what to do next. There's some rewiring I'd like to do on the rack, but I really should just clean off my bed and get some sleep, in the hopes that I'll be able to get some database work done tomorrow.
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Nothing quite like having interesting things happen that you can't talk about.

So yeah. Boring ordinary day. Got some sleep. Have managed to coerce myself into doing some database work - design work, still, but the actual work will be pretty minor.

Had dinner by myself at Red Robin.

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