November 14th, 2008


More Ketchup!

The problem with being too busy to post is that you then have to remember even more stuff when you finally get around to it.

And I've got a mind like a steel sieve.

Wednesday afternoon, I got some banner hanging shtuff at Orchard Supply, found the hole-in-the-wall printing place in Fremont, had some Chevy's at Union Station, then fought my way through traffic up to the City and Julie's, arriving a little after 7:00pm.

Which gave me no time at all to do any poster mounting. But it's OK - George likes it better in the window, anyway.

The poster background is a process blue, in other words a fairly pretty purple, and matches the flyers.

So while it's not what I was aiming for, it'll do. I got a gratifying amount of oohing and aahing over the flyers and poster, too. They've apparently never done anything like that before, though they carry a whole bunch of flyers for other venues. They're going to see about spreading them around.

It was a reasonably good night - we made less than the previous Wednesday, but more of the older regulars came out, and those there seemed to have a really good time - plus a lot of repeats from last week. The main difference is that this week wasn't a birthday party, so the level of drunkenness was quite a bit lower.

However, there's another birthday coming next week, with new people. Should be good.

It's been kind of interesting. Apart from Matthew, who's apparently in a band, most of these people have, uh, a great deal more enthusiasm than talent. I'm seriously not used to being one of the best singers in the room. But they do have a lot of fun, and they're not judgmental, so I'm pretty happy with the crowd so far.

I also ran to 1:58am this time (14 rotations), which felt more... normal. Then I packed up, again with people helping to carry stuff out (Anthony being "the people" this time), and merrily drove my way south through the fog. Good thing I like fog.

Then sleep. I'm not totally sure what happened Thursday afternoon, but I was ready at about 6:00pm when tankgirl knocked on the door. We had a nice dinner at Bombay Garden, then headed up to the bar.

Well, it was nice then. She apparently had continuing trouble with the korma. 'Nuff said. OK, too much said.

It was a medium busy night at the bar. sparkle_journal and jackal_logic came out, as did Denise and Elana. trivialt let me select songs for him, so he could curse my name. I did my best.

A little bit of chaoswolf and David T., some snafflekid, a fair amount of markobellydance, the Alex&Manny crowd, a few new people (Ms K. who unfortunately sang only one song), a quick non-singing appearance by dionuse, quite a lot of justnate, a gratifying amount of onyx101, and quite a few more. I didn't check, but I'm pretty sure the bar did reasonably OK.

I started on time at 8:30pm, ended at 1:50pm, and ran for 7 rotations. I rather like it when it's busy, but people still get to sing. Though I may have screwed up something for Maria with the Alex&Manny group - in fact I'm beginning to suspect there might be two of them. With the number of odd duets they throw in, it's actually hard to balance out who should be singing what and when.

On the microphone issue... I had no problems at all on Wednesday. Wish I could say that for Thursday, though after about an hour of regularly disconnecting then reconnecting the cable, it settled down and worked for the rest of the night. I'm really not certain what the problem is. It appears that my cable eats microphones...

After shutdown, timenchanter, Angela and I had some Denny's, then headed homeward. I was obviously pretty tired, given the number of small bruises I gave myself in the process of loading and unloading the equipment.

So I did some more of the sleeping thing.

Around 11:00am, I woke up, and ended up in a text conversation with raven2000, who's feeling sick. I eventually got myself up, shopped for some soups'n'such, and dropped them off at her place. She's excruciatingly busy, and trying to beat a deadline, so we talked for at most 3 hours.

Then I took the car in to have its tires rotated, and had a few unexpected conversations while walking around Costco - one with a guy who used to come to KoC before he left for a few years in Argentina. Another with a very interesting woman (Kathryn) who makes movies and cleans airplanes. Should have gotten her number...

I'm hoping to do a new book run soon, and I'm out of white paper, so I zoomed from there to XpedX, and got a box one minute before they closed. And then home. I've been sort of vegging out here since then - that kind of thing happens when I get up too early. Or too late. Or too much on time. I have three new discs, and I've done the initial scan, but I need to get cracking at data entry and such.
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