November 9th, 2008



I got up around noon Saturday, and got out of the apartment by around 2:00pm. What with a slight side shopping trip, I didn't make it to the Dome until 3:00pm, which meant I was too late - they'd wanted me to roll up and put away the "rugs" (astroturf) on the deck before it rained.

And it was definitely raining. Well, actually kind of misting vigorously.

But I managed to do a few other jobs around the place. Their gutters are clean, for one thing. And I've also completed the trivialt project, apart from that pesky "getting it to him" part of the sequence.

After a remarkably fine dinner (shrimp stir-fry), and a little conversation, I was actually nodding off around 9:00pm, so they sent me home to sleep.

Which, of course, I didn't do. Instead, I met up with genuine_snark and onyx101 at Dave&Busters, and played games, or watched them play. It was a cheap evening for me, because timenchanter nonchalantly handed me a card with a huge credit on it.

Around 11:30pm, we were joined by tlsthatsme and Robin, who mostly hung out with Joyce while Geo and I were trivializing. Then a long, leisurely time in the prize booth trying to find acceptably tacky things. There was some insistence that I get the rainbow-colored glowing anal beads for the bar (I doubt that was the intention of the manufacturer, but really, they're giant glowing anal beads), but it turned out that was too expensive. So I've got an odd little flashing... thing... that can supposedly be sound activated. We'll see how that goes. On its "automatic" setting, it's kind of an epileptic-seizure-in-a-box.

We then all headed to the Mini, where I found that I'd completely missed the ball with kshandra, by not realizing I'd had a message from her for an hour. Dammit.

Then home, and eventually something sleep-like.

I got up today around 2:00pm, finally got around to starting work on the rack, and decided midway through that posting would be a good idea. Because, offhand, this doesn't look like it's going to be a lot of fun.

But I'm out of narrative, so it's back to the project...
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