November 5th, 2008



Obama is our next president, by a huge enough margin that McCain's campaign has simply capitulated. It gives me a great feeling of hope.

No, the man is not a messiah. He himself has said so (he's simply the son of Jor-El, send to help this world). But he's intelligent, thoughtful, and has shown himself skilled at gathering the best minds to his team and, best of all, listening to them. Miracles won't happen, but we now have a chance at a future.

But coincidentally with that wonderful, wonderful news, Amendment 2 passed by a near two-thirds majority in Florida, and Proposition 8 is headed to victory in California. At this point, there's still 11.7% of the vote to count, a large part of it in Santa Clara county, but the vote has stayed within 0.1% of 51.8% for to 48.2% against for a couple of hours, now. It's not likely to change by much.

So a huge win for hope, and two smaller wins for hate. And yes, it is hate, of a particularly vile, insidious kind. Any claim that the right of two men, or two women, to civil marriage is a threat to either freedom of speech or freedom of religion is completely and utterly laughable. So much so that it's clearly simply a convenient facade for those that want the gay 10% of the population back in the closet.

But it's not the end by any means. In the short term, the amendment itself is of questionable legality, and may be struck down in a few years. In the long term, it will become more and more clear how amazingly stupid the objections are. Ten years from now, many of those who enthusiastically voted for Prop 8 will be conveniently forgetting they supported it out of embarrassment.

And in the meantime, gay marriage will continue. Despite any lack of civil contract, couples will commit to each other, and will be married in the eyes of their community and their church.

And I gotta say, "President Obama" definitely has a nice ring to it...
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